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2. Designation of IRBs

An FWA requires the institution to designate at least one committee to perform ethical review of proposed human subjects research and to register this committee with OHRP. The University has two internal IRBs registered with OHRP.

  1. Biomedical IRB for biomedical research and clinical trials: IRB00000215
  2. Social Behavioral IRB for social, behavioral, and educational research: IRB00000216

Federal regulations allow institutions to designate an IRB from another FWA-holding institution as the IRB of Record (or reviewing IRB) as long as a formal agreement (e.g., IAA or contract) is in place.

Several institutions have designated one or both of the University IRBs for all non-exempt human subjects research conducted at their institutions or by their investigators. Considered University "affiliates," these institutions include the following:

  • Desert Research Institute (a component of NSHE)
  • Truckee Meadows Community College (a component of NSHE)
  • VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
  • Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center
  • Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

On a case-by-case basis and only in response to a written request, the University IRBs will consider the following options for external investigators, institutions, or IRBs:

  • A University IRB may agree to be the reviewing IRB for collaborative research or for investigators whose institutions do not have an IRB (see "Using a University IRB").
  • A University IRB may agree to designate an external IRB as the IRB of Record for non-exempt human subjects research conducted by University or affiliate investigators at an external site (see "Using an External IRB")

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