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42. Responsibilities: Environmental Health and Safety

The University's Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is charged with ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the entire University community which includes human subjects research. This charge is exercised through EH&S and its committees for overseeing biosafety and radiation safety.

EH&S staff are available to advise investigators using hazardous wastes in human subjects research to ensure the materials are handled safely and all employees are trained to minimize the risks imposed by the hazards.

Institutional Biosafety Committee

University investigators must submit a complete and signed Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement from the IBC in order to acquire IRB approval for studies involving any of the following:

  • biological agents including blood and blood products,
  • human or non-human primate tissues,
  • other bodily fluids (e.g., saliva);
  • cells or cell culture; and
  • recombinant DNA (NOTE: includes transgenic plants and animals when these involve human or primate DNA, or are used in combination with human subjects research).

Radiation Safety Committee

University investigators must receive approval from the performance site's Radiation Safety Committee (e.g., UNR, Renown, Saint Mary's or the VA) for research involving exposing human subjects to radiation or radioactive materials for which the subjects would otherwise not have been exposed except for the research.

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