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25. Responsibilities: Departmental Research Administrators

Deans, Chairs, and other departmental authorities including those from affiliate sites (AKA Responsible Officials) are responsible for ensuring subordinates (e.g., faculty, students, staff, physicians) adhere to University policies for human research protection, including funding agency requirements for same.

For specific protocols, these responsible officials must verify the following:

  • the design for the proposed research is sound and scientifically valid,
  • the principal investigator has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to conduct the research and manage research personnel,
  • the principal investigator has the resources necessary to conduct and complete the research as approved by the IRB,
  • the conduct of the research and oversight of research personnel are within the scope of the principal investigator's employment, and
  • the principal investigator has the resources necessary to protect human subjects during and after the conduct of the research.

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