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Researcher Resources

Programs reporting to the Vice President for Research and Innovation are available for support and direction.

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External Consulting Proposal Reviews

Have your proposal reviewed by an external consulting firm with extensive expertise.

Submit your proposal through our office for external review.

Internal University Proposal Support

Grants Capture Team

If you have a large-scale, interdisciplinary project that you need support for, contact our experts who will assist you in building a team and reviewing your proposal.

Grant Analyst Support by College

Get support on your individual proposals from the grants and projects analyst for your college. If your college is not listed below, you can find assistance through the sponsored projects contacts.


Kim Higgins

College of Engineering

Craig Holloman

College of Science

Heidi Eskew

Heidi Eskew
(775) 682-8794

College of Liberal Arts

Roni Dahir

Roni Dahir
(775) 682-8875

Awards and Funding

Internal Funding Opportunities

There are many chances for faculty to be awarded funding throughout the year.

Check out the great funding opportunities that we offer.

Grant Finding Info and Tools

The Office of Sponsored Projects has the resources to help you obtain external funding.

Explore our grant resources and funding database.

Manage Your Data

Data management plans are required in many proposals and provide the framework for sharing and managing data.

Find information and create a plan using our online tool.

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