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Conference program

Plenary speakers

  • Dr. Joe Thompson, Los Alamos National Lab, Spedding Award recipient
  • Prof. Julie Staunton, University of Warwick
  • Prof. Julia Chan, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Prof. John Capobianco, Concordia University
  • Prof. Zhaomin Hou, Riken Advanced Science Institute
  • Prof. Nik Kaltsoyannis, University College London
  • Dr. Alex King, The Ames Laboratory


  • Actinide Chemistry and Physics - Eric Schelter, session leader
  • Bioanalysis and Medical Applications - Jean-Claude Bünzli, session leader
  • Critical Materials, Catalysis, Industrial and Technological Applications - Vitalij Pecharsky, Karl Gschneidner, session leaders
  • Organometallics, Coordination Chemistry and Polymers - Aaron Sadow, session leader
  • Solid State Chemistry and Physics, Magnetism and Spectroscopy - Anja-Verena Mudring, Vitalij Pecharsky, session leaders
  • Theory of the 4f Elements - Durga Paudyal, session leader
  • Symposium in memoriam John Corbett - Gerd Meyer, session leader

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Andrew Gaunt (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Bruce Moyer (Oak Ridge National Lab)
  • Adam Schwartz (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
  • Eric Peterson (Idaho National Lab)
  • Tom Lograsso (Ames National Lab)
  • Suzanne Bart (Purdue University)

Poster presentations

  • TBA

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