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Cognitive & Brain Sciences
Marian Berryhill Gideon Caplovitz Michael Crognale Jeffrey Hutsler
Jacqueline Snow Lars Strother Michael Webster

Behavior Analysis
Patrick Ghezzi Linda Hayes Ramona Houmanfar Matthew Locey
W. Lawrence Williams

Clinical Psychology
Melanie Duckworth Jane Fisher William Follette Victoria Follette
Alan Fruzzetti Steven Hayes Holly Hazlett-Stevens William O'Donohue
Anthony Papa

Social Psychology
Deborah Davis Justin Hepler


Jacqueline Snow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Program: Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Phone: (775) 682-8688
Office: Mack Social Science Room 410
Email: jacqueline.c.snow@gmail.com
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Main Interests

  • Cognitive and neural bases of object perception in vision and touch
  • How humans perceive, value, and interact with complex real-world objects compared with representations of objects displayed in 2D (pictorial) or 3D (i.e., immersive virtual reality) formats.
  • Methods include functional magnetic resonce imaging (fMRI), quantitative psychophysics, behavioral studies in healthy observers, and neuropsychological approaches in brain-damaged patients.
Curriculum Vitae

University of Nevada, Reno - Department of Psychology/296
1664 N. Virginia Street Reno, Nevada 89557