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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions divided into 5 categories: General, Graduation, Graduate School, Transferring, and Our Psychology Department. A full list of these questions is also available in .pdf format. If you have a question that is not on the list, please email the psychology advisor.

  1. General
  2. Graduation
  3. Graduate School
  4. Transferring
  5. Our Psychology Department

20. I heard that we can transfer some classes to UNR from TMCC, WNCC, etc. How do I know what courses will transfer and which ones won't?

Many TMCC, WNCC, and other community college courses will transfer to UNR to fulfill university core, college, major, and minor requirements. Many others that do not fulfill specific requirements at UNR will transfer as general electives (which count toward the total number of credits you need to graduate). So what counts for what?

You may find this link helpful in determining whether the courses will easily transfer (http://www.cis.unr.edu/Transfer/TA.aspx). If you need to look up the course description of courses you have previously taken this site will be helpful as well (http://www.colegesource.org).

Also see: https://www.cis.unr.edu/TransferArticulation to review the University's major-to-major transfer agreement forms.

Another resource is the Transfer Center at UNR (775) 784-4700x3, Student Services Building.

Finally, for further information about what will fulfill Psychology major requirements, contact an academic advisor either by making an appointment 775-784-6828 or by e-mail.

21. I have transferred schools twice now, and I'm thinking of transferring again. I'm worried that graduate schools are going to look at me as unstable and question if I would even stay in the program. What do you think?

You're right to be a little concerned about too many transfers. However, what's important is WHY you transferred. If you were getting bad grades and couldn't take it, didn't get along with the professors, etc., these might not be the best reasons. However, reasons of scholarships, family issues, seeking a better program, etc., are okay, and probably not something to worry too much about. It might also help to put these things in perspective. If you do well in the important things (e.g., GPA, research experience) then the fact that you moved a couple of times will not be an important issue to graduate school admissions committees. Also, when you apply to graduate school you will have to write a "letter of intent" a.k.a. "statement of purpose", which describes why you are applying to graduate school, why this particular school, your research and applied interests, and your career goals. Within this letter, you can and should explain things like why you chose to transfer a couple of times--especially if it had to do with getting into a better program, etc.

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