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The Department of Psychology believes that advisement should serve at least three functions:

1. To ensure that undergraduates successfully fufill all university, college, and Department requirements in order to graduate in a timely manner
2. To discuss career options available with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology
3. To support advisees in their preparations for graduate school in Psychology and related fields.

The Department of Psychology does not require that its majors seek advisement; some students go all the way through college without coming in for advisement, and many of those do so successfully. However, we strongly encourage all students to seek advisement if only to reassure themselves that they are doing everything right. Wise use of advisement allows students to complete their degree in a timely manner, avoid last-minute graduation hassles, learn more about the field of psychology, and prepare themselves for graduate school or a career in psychology.

In order to give more time to our advisement system, the Department of Psychology has assigned two 20 hour/week graduate students to do most of the initial advising with most students (i.e., getting through the curriculum, getting forms signed, choosing classes, time-lining, some preparation for graduate school). Faculty advisors are also available by referral from the graduate student advisors. Faculty advisors handle whatever the graduate student advisor cannot (e.g., the details of specific graduate schools, career advising).

Contact/Make an Appointment

The Psychology Department has two advisors, please select the appropriate one to contact based on the information below.

To make an appointment with your appropriate Psychology Department Advisor, either stop by the Psychology Department office (MSS 438) or call the department at (775) 784-6828.

Genevieve DeBernardis

Email: psyvice@unr.edu

  • PSY Major-Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
  • PSY Major-Students with questions pertaining to grad school in PSY
  • PSY Major-Students on Academic Probation
  • PSY Major-Students with Advising Holds on their Account

Desiree Holler

Email: neuroadvice@unr.edu

  • PSY Minors
  • Students who are interested in declaring the Psychology Major/Minor
  • Incoming Transfer students (who plan to declare the Psychology Major/Minor)
  • All Neuroscience Majors

Both email accounts are monitored by the Advisors on a daily basis, and most questions will be answered within a day. Any and all questions are welcome; if the advisor feels that your question would be better handled in person, they will suggest this in their reply.

Also, if you just need a signature on a form, there is no need to make an appointment; you can just leave the form with one of the secretaries in the Department of Psychology and come pick it up in a couple of days.


This manual is aimed at the student working toward a minor or major in psychology. If nothing else, we recommend that you read the section on Advisement. It is important for all students to learn how to navigate through a course of study toward a degree. This manual will be useful for all students majoring in psychology.

Applying to Graduate School

This web page contains information and links to numerous resources on the internet which can help you decide which graduate school to apply to, how to make yourself a competitive candidate, and how to get through the entire process in one piece!

Careers in Psychology

While many career paths in psychology require an advanced degree (either a Master's or Ph.D.), there are an abundance of options available to students with just a Bachelor's degree, as well. This page offers descriptions of many of the various career options available to psychology students (both with and without an advanced degree), and provides links to numerous resources on the internet which can help you to decide the type of career you want to pursue with your psychology degree.

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