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Game Day Traffic Reminder

The 2015 Nevada Wolf Pack football season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. With 20,000 fans heading to Mackay Stadium, traffic and parking congestion is expected Thursday afternoon.
Learn more about game-day traffic and parking around campus.

Faculty Role Statements

Memorandum on Role Statements

Role Statement MemoTo: University of Nevada, Reno Faculty
From: Joe Crowley, President
Subject: Role Statements
Date: February 8, 1995

Beginning with the 1995 Evaluation Period, role statements are to be implemented for all University of Nevada, Reno faculty. They will be used as the basis for the evaluations that are to be prepared during the first part of 1996. The purpose of the role statement is not to establish a new layer of red tape, but to cause a dialogue between the faculty member and the department chair as to the expectation of that faculty member in the context of the department's action plan.

Read the full 1995 Memo on Role Statements

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