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Faculty Evaluations

Board of Regents Handbook

Title 2 - Chapter 5, Section 5.12.1-5.12.3 - Evaluations

Section 5.12 Evaluations

5.12.1 Evaluations

Faculty shall be evaluated in writing at least once annually by department chairs, supervisors or heads of administrative units. The performance evaluations of executive and supervisory faculty shall include consultation with the professional and classified staff of the administrative unit.

5.12.2 Procedures

All performance evaluations of untenured faculty shall include a rating of (i) "excellent," (ii) "commendable," (iii) "satisfactory," or (iv) "unsatisfactory." All performance evaluations of tenured faculty shall include a rating of (i) "excellent," (ii) "commendable," (iii) "satisfactory," or (iv) "unsatisfactory" unless institutional bylaws require a rating of only (i) "satisfactory" or (ii) "unsatisfactory." The areas of evaluation and procedures for evaluation of academic faculty and administrative faculty shall be established in Board policies and institutional bylaws. All performance evaluations shall include a narrative addressing each area of performance, and at least every three years a narrative addressing progress toward tenure and/or promotion, if applicable. The three year narrative progress assessment shall be prepared in consultation with the appropriate tenure review committee or promotion committee, if any. Evaluations of instructional faculty shall include an assessment incorporating teaching evaluations completed by their students. (B/R 10/08)

5.12.3 Review of Evaluations

Each institution and the System Office shall adopt, in their respective bylaws, a procedure for review of a faculty member's adverse annual evaluation rating, as provided in Section 5.16 of the NSHE Code. Academic and administrative faculty who disagree with the supervisor's evaluation may submit a written rejoinder, as provided for in Title 4, Ch. 3, Sec. 4(5). (B/R 12/06)

See also

Title 4 - Codification of Board Policy Statements Chapter 3, Section 4 for elaboration on Board policy regarding evaluations

University Bylaws

Sections 3.3.1 - 3.3.3

Chapter 7 Professional Responsibilities, Evaluations and Personnel Recommendations

Brief Summary of the University Bylaws

3.3.1 Professional Responsibilities

All personnel evaluations shall be made on the basis of written and specific professional responsibilities and performance expectations mutually agreed upon by the individual faculty member and the responsible agent within the department as specified by department bylaws.

3.3.2 Evaluation

Each faculty member shall be evaluated in writing at least once annually by department chairs, supervisors or heads of administrative units according to the above-specified professional responsibilities.

3.3.3 Personnel Recommendations

All tenure, promotion, and annual evaluations shall be made on the basis of the person's professional performance in meeting the responsibilities specified in Section 3.3.1 of these Bylaws.

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