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Anatomy lab with faculty and students

The UCCC will evaluate SLOs based on the following criteria:

  • The SLOs are identified in the course syllabus
  • The SLOs indicate the type of performance to be demonstrated. Good SLOs typically use action words from Bloom's Taxonomy: evaluate, summarize, identify, compare, contrast, explain, solve, etc.
  • Use of a learning statement that specifies what learning will be demonstrated in the performance.
  • The criterion or standard for acceptable performance is clear.
  • Is the SLO measureable?
  • Does the collection of outcomes represent learning that is appropriate for the course level? Is the specified level of mastery appropriate for the course clientele?
  • Do the SLOs demonstrate the value of the specific course to the student?
  • Are the SLOs sufficiently general as to allow for a variety of implementations of the course?
  • Is the SLO distinct from program level outcomes?

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