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Core Curriculum Board and Committees

Core Curriculum Board for 2014-15

Chair: P. Elliott Parker, Core Curriculum Director

Voting Members:

  1. Nora Constantino, Division of Health Sciences (term expires in 2017)
  2. Sarah Cummings, College of Science (term expires in 2017)
  3. Greta de Jong, Director, Core Humanities (ex officio)
  4. Jane Detweiler, College of Liberal Arts (term expires in 2016)
  5. Hyun-Joo Jeon, College of Education (term expires in 2017)
  6. Maureen McBride, Director, Core Writing (ex officio)
  7. Swatee Naik, Core Math (ex officio)
  8. Alex Bybee, Representative for ASUN President (ex officio)
  9. Fran Ryan, College of Business (term expires in 2016)
  10. David Shintani, CABNR (term expires in 2015)
  11. Victor Vasquez, College of Engineering (term expires in 2016)

Non-Voting Members: These require the approval of the Core Board.

  • Danelle Clarke, Director, Math Center (ex officio)
  • Joe Cline, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (ex officio)
  • Maureen Cronin, Admissions & Records (liaison)
  • Melissa Deadmond, TMCC (liaison)
  • Derek Furukawa, Advising (liaison)
  • Dianne Hilliard, WNC (liaison)
  • William Macauley, Director, Writing Center (ex officio)
  • Maggie Ressel, Libraries (liaison)
  • C. Russell Stone, Assessment Director (ex officio)
  • Tamara Valentine, Honors Program (liaison)
  • Johnson Makoba, core social science committee (liaison)

Core Committees

Fundamental Practice [CO1, CO2, CO3]

  • Chair: Maggie Ressel, Libraries [CCB]
  • William Macauley, Director, Writing Center [CCB]
  • Swatee Naik, Math [CCB]


Natural Science [CO4]

  • Chair: Jason Shearer, Chemistry
  • Pat Arnott, Physics
  • David Crowther, Education
  • Nora Constantino, CHS [CCB]
  • Veronica Zepeda, Biochemistry


Humanities & Constitution [CO5, CO8]

  • Chair: Greta de Jong, History [CCB]
  • Justin Gifford, English
  • Brett Van Hoesen, Art
  • Leah Wilds, Political Science

Social Science [CO6]

  • Chair: Johnson Makoba, Sociology [CCB]
  • Victoria Follette, Psychology
  • Mark Pingle, Economics
  • Erin Stiles, Anthropology


Fine Arts [CO7]

  • Chair: Paul Torkelson, Music
  • Robert Gander, Theater & Dance
  • Hyun-Joo Jeon, Education [CCB]
  • Peter Goin, Art


Science & Society [CO9]

  • Chair: Eric Wang, Mech. Engineering
  • Dana Edberg, Information Systems
  • Guy Hoelzer, Biology
  • Nancy Markee, NRES
  • Melodi Rodrigue, Physics
  • Danelle Clarke, Math Center [CCB]


Diversity [CO10]

  • Chair: Emily Hobson, GRI
  • Ken Lucey, Philosophy
  • Robert Ostergard, Political Science
  • Sandra Ott, Basque Studies
  • Derek Furukawa, Advising [CCB]


Global Contexts [CO11]

  • Chair: Berch Berberoglu, Sociology
  • Stacy Fisher, Political Science
  • Louis Marvick, FLL
  • Glenn Miller, NRES
  • Mehmet Tosun, Economics
  • Maureen Cronin, A&R [CCB]


Ethics [CO12]

  • Chair: David Shintani, CABNR [CCB]
  • Caesar Andrews, Journalism
  • Rafik Beekun, Managerial Sciences
  • Dean Burkin, Pharmacology
  • Erin Grinshteyn, CHS
  • Katharine Schweitzer, Philosophy


Capstone [CO13]

  • Chair: Chris Pritsos, Nutrition
  • Sarah Cummings, Chemistry [CCB]
  • David Fenimore, English
  • Emil Geiger, Mechanical Engineering
  • Susan Lentz, Criminal Justice
  • Jim Sundali, Managerial Sciences


Application [CO14]

  • Chair: Jeanne Wendel, Economics
  • Rod Case, Education
  • Scott Mensing, Geography
  • Marlene Rebori, Cooperative Extension
  • Fran Ryan, Managerial Sciences [CCB]
  • Tamara Valentine, Honors [CCB]



  • Chair: C. Russell Stone [CCB]
  • Jane Detweiler, CLA
  • Ann Medaille, Libraries
  • Jeff Lacombe, CME
  • Yvonne Stedham, Managerial Sciences
  • Chris Herald, Mathematics

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