Pack Pride

Six Pulitzer Prize Winners

Everyone can say they have a good program, but one of the key tests of the strength of an academic program is what the graduates go on to do.

Well, the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism has produced six Pulitzer Prize winners. One winner might be a fluke. Two might be lucky. But six? Six just might mean we have a great program.

And as journalism expands into new technologies and media, our students are right on the cutting edge of progress. In fact, the Journalism School recently received an $8 million renovation to bring the best technology to campus.

With a tradition of excellence and a deep investment in success, we have no doubts our students will keep making headlines.

Past Winners

  • Ron Einstoss, 1955 - Awarded in 1966 for coverage of the Watts Riot
  • Susan Forrest, 1982 - Awarded for general news reporting in 1988
  • Kristen Go, 1998 - Awarded in 1998 for her coverage of the Columbine High School shootings
  • Warren Lerude, 1961 - Awarded in 1977
  • Edward Montgomery, 1934 - Awarded for distinguished local reporting in 1952
  • Howard Sheerin, 1931 - Awarded for public service in 1956