Pack Pride

One Million Square Feet of New Facilities

The "campus on the hill" has expanded vigorously to meet the demands of new students. Since 2003, the following facilities have been constructed:

  • Argenta Hall (2003)
  • Joe Crowley Student Union (2007)
  • Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center (2008)
  • Davidson Mathematics and Science Center (2010)
  • Center for Molecular Medicine (2010)
  • Pennington Health Sciences (2011)
  • Nevada Living Learning Community (2012)

In addition:

  • The Reynolds School of Journalism re-opened in 2012 after undergoing a $9 million renovation.
  • The University's earthquake simulation laboratory has undergone a 23,000 square foot expansion, making it the largest and most versatile earthquake simulation lab in the United States.

When the times seem to be shifting so quickly, it's good to know you're at a campus on the move.