Kenneth G. Lucey

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Ph.D., Boston University, 1973

Office: Jones Center 102D
Phone: 775/784-4308
Fax: 775/327-5024

Office Hours:

TR 2:20 – 3:30 and by appointment

Metaphysics; epistemology; philosophical logic; philosophy of religion.

Professor Lucey is editor of What is God? The Selected Essays of Richard R. La Croix (Prometheus Books, 1993) and On Knowing and the Known: Introductory Readings in Epistemology (Prometheus Books, 1996). He is co-editor, with Tibor Machan, of Recent Work in Philosophy (Rowman and Allanheld, 1983) and has published papers in all his areas of specialization. He began his working career as a computer scientist with top secret clearance at the Mitre Corporation, a "think tank" outside of Boston, Massachusetts. From there he moved to a job as a programmer/analyst at the Harvard Business School. In 1971 he, and his physicist wife Carol, moved to Western New York state to found a computer center for a college there. The next year he took a philosophy job at the SUNY College at Fredonia, where he remained for 27 years, except for two years as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University and at the University of Pittsburgh.

Professor Lucey has been a Scoutmaster, an avid bibliophile, a college administrator and a racquet ball player. For his last dozen years at Fredonia he was a department chairman, and most recently as simultaneously been chair of two academic departments, namely philosophy and foreign languages. He has been the recipient of numerous grants, including three from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and has served as President of several regional philosophical associations. At UNR, Professor Lucey served as Sanford Distinguished Professor of the Humanities from 2008 to 2010.


Phil 210--World Religions
Phil 323--Problems in the Philosophy of Religion
Phil 425/625--Philosophy of Language
Phil 440/640--Theory of Knowledge
Phil 441/641--Metaphysics
Phil 451/651--Happiness
Phil 476--The Self: Philosophic and Psychoanalytical Explorations (Capstone)
CH 201 (Core Humanities)--Ancient and Medieval Cultures