Master of Arts - Ethics, Law, and Politics

Course Requirements


The Ethics, Law, and Politics MA degree is offered on either a thesis or non-thesis basis. Students work with their advisors to develop their program. A student who opts for a non-thesis plan must complete 33 graduate credits. A student who opts for the thesis plan must complete 30 credits of graduate course work including six credits of Phil 797--Thesis.


All students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in 700-level courses. Any of our 600-level graduate courses may be taken at the 700-level with the permission of the instructor.


With advisor approval, take at least three credits in Anglo-American philosophy and at least three credits in Continental philosophy.


Knowledge of a foreign language is not required but is highly recommended, especially for students intending to pursue graduate studies beyond the master's level.


Taking one or more courses with a global focus is encouraged.


In addition to course requirements, all master's students must enroll in PHIL 795--Comp Exam for 1-3 credits. This 700-level requirement will not count toward the 700-level degree requirement.

Thesis Option - 30 credits


Non-Thesis Option - 33 credits