Ethics, Law, and Politics MA

The Ethics, Law, and Politics M.A. is a program that covers basic philosophy with emphasis on topics in ethics, philosophy of law, and political philosophy. Our energetic and friendly small department of active teacher-scholars includes a number of faculty with expertise in ethics, philosophy of law or political philosophy, either contemporary or historical.

The department includes seven regular faculty members, plus part-time faculty.. In recent years, we have had, on average, eleven graduate students.

Though our program is not large, some of our students have been quite successful. One is now a professor and dean at Stanford University. One recently completed his PhD at Toronto, and now is a professor in Pennsylvania. Another studied in the PhD program at the University of Texas at Austin, concentrating on ancient Greek philosophy and minoring in classics, and now teaches philosophy at Agnes Scott College. Other students have gone into law, medicine, government service, community college teaching, the ministry, and the business fields.

Graduate students in our program take most of their classes in upper division undergraduate courses that are open for graduate-level credit (sometimes on the basis of extra work and/or outside discussions with the instructor). Graduate students sometimes earn a portion of the remainder of their philosophy credits by means of independent study arrangements with individual faculty members.

Before seeking admission to our program, you should determine whether your interests fit our own range of competencies and interests. We generally admit students to the MA program whose backgrounds and interests are congruent with our own.