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Family & Guests


Parents on campus

The parent/guest session is part of the overall ORIENTATION experience. The components of the parent's session are very similar to the student's, with sessions on academic preparedness & support, campus recreation & wellness, and college adjustments. Although most components of the parents program are separate from students, there is time to connect with your student and to take care of business while on campus. The parent/guest program is $75 for each guest. The cost covers program materials, two days of workshops,  and meals including a sit down dinner with faculty where you can ask individualized questions regarding your student's transition. Parents can stay overnight on campus for an additional fee. Additional details are available on the Family and Guest Program Details page. Parent/Guests can sign up for ORIENTATION within their student's reservation account located on the Sign-Up page. The program dates, along with other important dates, can be found on the Program Dates page.

Ofrecemos talleres durante orientacíon para padres y familias en Español. Tenemos mas informacíon en la página de informacíon para padres y familia.

"For a first-time parent of a college student we feel that the choice to come to the University of Nevada, Reno was the right choice. We are honestly not anxious about our student moving on." - Derick, parent

Parents/Guests should leave the ORIENTATION program with:

  • Knowledge of campus resources, enabling you to provide appropriate guidance to your student
  • Awareness of the University and greater Reno community
  • Knowledge that their student will find an environment conductive to their personal and academic success
  • A connection to campus to obtain more information as needed throughout your student's time at the university
  • An understanding of the academic rigor of the University

The parent portion of Orientation has the overall goal of providing an increased awareness of the services and tools available on campus to assist in you and your student's successful collegiate experience.

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