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Orientation Session Dates

A real-time list of open session dates will appear during the sign up process.

For new Fall 2015 first year students:

    • First Year Session 1       June 17-18 (Wednesday - Thursday)
    • First Year Session 2       June 22-23 (Monday - Tuesday)
    • First Year Session 3       June 25-26 (Thursday - Friday)
    • First Year Session 4       July 1-2 (Wednesday - Thursday)
    • First Year Session 5       July 6-7 (Monday - Tuesday)
    • First Year Session 6       July 9-10 (Thursday - Friday)
    • First Year Session 7       July 13-14 (Monday - Tuesday)
    • First Year Session 8       July 16-17 (Thursday - Friday)
    • First Year Session 9       July 20-21 (Monday - Tuesday)
    • First Year Session 10     July 27-28 (Monday - Tuesday)
    • First Year Session 11     July 30-31 (Thursday - Friday)
    • First Year Session 12     August 3-4 (Monday-Tuesday) 

        • More sessions may be added, if needed.  Decisions regarding additional sessions will be made the end of May.

    Each Orientation session is limited to 260 students, and sessions fill up quickly. We strongly recommend completing the sign up process for orientation and receiving a confirmation email prior to planning any travel arrangements to come to Orientation. A real-time list of open session dates will appear during the sign up process. Please go to the Sign-Up page for information on how to sign up for orientation.  Sign up for Orientation will open on March 1, 2015.    Priority deadline for Orientation sign ups is June 1st.  All signs ups and changes are locked two weeks prior to each Orientation session.

    Questions about orientation can be sent to

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