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First Year Students

Sign-ups for new summer and fall 2016 students will be available in early March.


Our new student ORIENTATION program is where NEVADA students develop and define their short and long term goals for academic and social success. ORIENTATION is the time to explore the University of Nevada campus to see the quad and find the spaces that will become your very own. It is a time to meet the students that will make up your class as you all embark on the latest passage of your life.

The ORIENTATION program is designed to ease your transition to college. ORIENTATION is the place where new students start their college careers. Here is where you take your next step to creating your life at NEVADA, being introduced to a community that is filled with academic opportunities, rich traditions and interesting people.

ORIENTATION is a must for a successful beginning at NEVADA.

We want to welcome you, share our University, and provide the information you need for a successful academic and personal start to your experience at NEVADA.

We offer a number of programs to meet student and family needs. Please explore the website to find the session that fits your needs.

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