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Be an Orientation Guide

Orientation Guide Team

2016 Orientation Guide information available in late February.  Check out last years information to start preparing for the selection process.

Orientation Guide Application and Selection Process

Applications for Orientation Guides are now closed. 

Feel free to review the information below for more details about being an Orientation Guide.

Application Here

View our student produced Orientation Guide Recruitment Video!

Information Meetings

We encourage you to attend an information meeting to learn more about being an Orientation Guide, ask questions, and pick up an application.

A schedule of information meetings will be posted later in February.

Attending an information meeting is not required to apply.

Job Description

The Office of New Student Initiatives is seeking a select group of fun, energetic, knowledgeable, and reliable students to serve as Orientation Guides to new students and their families during Orientation programs. An Orientation Guide's primary goals are to introduce new students and their families to the resources, services and facilities on campus in order to help create a smooth transition to the University. Job duties include mentoring new students, answering questions, leading students around campus, facilitating group discussions, presenting information, policy enforcement, and assisting campus officials with presentations.

Click here for a complete job description.

Position Responsibilities & Duties

Assistance to Students and Families

  • Welcome new students and family members to the university and assist with the orientation check-in/check-out processes.
  • Be accessible and willing to assist with the information needs of students and family members throughout each orientation session.
  • Conduct engaging and thorough small group meetings for new students.
  • Understand the different needs of first-year students, transfer students, and family members and consider these differences in working with each population.
  • Develop a positive rapport with new students and their families.
  • Serve as an academic and social role model.
  • Provide family members with perspective on the University community and share the student experience.

Educational Duties

  • Present workshops, facilitate discussions, and answer questions on various topics including working on or off campus; managing money; living on or off campus; campus facilities; academics concerns and expectations; academic, social and recreational balance; and other student issues.
  • Communicate information to students and family members about academic services, campus resources, University policies and procedures, and student engagement opportunities.
  • Facilitate evening entertainment programs during orientation program.
  • Lead campus tours for students and families.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend & fully participate in staff training
  • Efficiently complete all logistical tasks, as requested, ensuring efficiently.
  • Maintain regular communications with professional and paraprofessional staff and alert them to situations that warrant attention.
  • Participate in all assigned duties of Orientation fully and take initiative with unanticipated tasks or problems.
  • Assist presenters at various programs, meetings, and activities
  • Remain flexible to accommodate changes to program schedule or logistics may occur.
  • Cooperate with all Orientation/NSI staff members.
  • Meet with professional staff as requested and attend all group meetings.
  • Complete all staff assignments, assessments, and evaluations.
  • General administrative duties, including evaluation, program and check in.
  • Additional duties as assigned.


  • Undergraduate Students, enrolled in spring and fall courses
  • Preferred  2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Be in good standing with the University
  • On track for graduation in terms of credit load. (15 credits/semester preferred.)
  • Speaking a second language is highly desirable.

Skills and Expectations

  • Strong communication skills, patience and professionalism are essential.
  • Ability to work well as a team.
  • Display an awareness of diversity.
  • Have an overall commitment to the University of Nevada.
  • Be highly motivated, have strong leadership skills, and ability to work well with large groups of people.
  • Have a positive attitude and enthusiasm for working with new students and families.
  • Be willing to step outside comfort zone and try new experiences.
  • Have an excellent work ethic.


  • $2000 and on campus, double occupancy room and board package.
  • Great work experience and skill building, transferable to most any work environment. Including:
      • Leadership skills
      • Interpersonal and group communication skills
      • Student programming including planning, organizing, and marketing.

Time Commitment

Training:  Anticipated May 26-June 15.
Orientation:  June 16 - August 8
Orientation & Welcome: August 19 - August 27

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