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International Clubs

International/Nationality/Multi-Cultural Clubs

Student clubs play an important role in the social and cultural life of the campus. Please reach out before your arrival on campus to the following contacts at your representative club. The clubs are run by the University of Nevada, Reno's current students who are familiar with life in Reno and the academic demands of studying in Nevada. Connecting with students who have firsthand experience of living in American can make your transition to studying in the U.S. easier.

Additional clubs and organizations may be found at ASUN Clubs and Organizations or GSA Clubs and Organizations.

International Club

The International Club (I-Club) fosters fellowship among international students, promotes dialogue towards intercultural understanding, and sponsors cultural, educational, and social programs and activities for club members and the Reno community. They are particularly known for their annual Night of All Nations program, receptions for new international students, and Friday night fun activities. If you are interested in joining or participating in the activities, please email them at or you can find them on Facebook.

Friendship Family Program

The value of a university experience in another country is more than the opportunities given in the classroom. You have come to the University of Nevada, Reno and probably want to become acquainted with Americans and gain a deeper insight into the American culture. The Friendship Family Program provides you with this opportunity by matching you with families from the community. The family generally contacts you three times each semester to participate in a social activity. For more information about the Friendship Family Program, please contact OISS.

Visits Program

We occasionally receive calls from local schools and organizations who desire international speakers. This offers you a wonderful opportunity to share your culture, knowledge, and experiences to enrich the community, while interacting with Americans.

Language Bank

The Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) maintains a list of international students who can be contacted to act as interpreters when we receive inquiries from the community. If you would be interested in being added to our list of contacts, please contact OISS (784-6874) or NNIC (784-7515).

For further information on campus clubs and organizations, please refer to the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) and the Graduate Student Association websites.

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