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Membership Report

Hello members,

It’s that time of the year to renew your membership. The membership is for a calendar year, January to December. If you have renewed, “Thank You”!

NWHP would like to welcome our 2014 new members. They are: Julia Berg, Sarah Britt, Michelle Palmer, Robert Stewart and Nancy Stiles. See you all at our next event!

Grace Davis has retired from managing the membership. Christianne Hamel will be taking over.

I would like to thank Grace for all her help and time.

If you have any questions in regards to membership, please contact me at 775‐851‐1260 or Christianne_Hamel@msn.com

Happy New Year!       


Membership Report

New Members:    
Friend-$100 Bonnie Drinkwater    
Family of Two-$55 Bruce Lightfoot    
Individual-$30 Judith Reuter   Robert Stewart
  Andre Roy   Sue Wagner
  Sue Smith    
Renewing Members    
Friend-$100 Marcia Bernard Cuccaro   Kathleen Noneman
  Mary C. Lee   Patricia Tripple
Family of Two-$55 Lisa-Marie and Bruce Lightfoot
  Ron and Mona Reno    
Individual-$30 Cheri Abbott  

Christianne Hamel


Faye I Anderson


Jon Hamel


Byllie D. Andrews


Joyce Hinton


Patti Bernard


James Hulse


Todd Borg


Jaculine C. Jones


Sarah Britt


Marian La Voy


Susan Burkhamer


Jan Loverin


Patricia D. Cafferata


Stanley W. Paher


Gwen Clancy


Elizabeth Rassiga


Jan Cleere


Margee Richardson


Donna Clontz


Jocelyne Roy


Joyce M. Cox


Simonne Roy


Grace Davis


Patrick D. Simpson


Helen DeMarco


Charlene Sprague


Kathy Drake

  Robert Stoldal

Isabel Espinoza


Maggie Thomsen


Jacki Falkenroth


Holly Van Valkenburgh


Candice Fife


Patty Wallace


Barbara Finley


Holly Walton‐Buchanan


Mary Lee Fulkerson


Sally Zanjani


Carolyn A. Gardner


Faye Anderson—$50


Maggie Thomsen—$10


Susan Burkhamer—$20


Holly Van Valkenburgh—$100


Catharine Sanders—$50


Linda Wyckoff—$100

Donations in memory or Carrie Porter    
  Pattie Bernard-$50    
Honorary Members    

Bonnie Bryan


Kathy List


Mary Anne Convis


Sandy Miller


Dawn Gibbons


Catharine Sanders


Betty Glass


Kathleen Sandoval


Gertrude Gottschalk


Linda Wyckoff


Dema Guinn


Thank you All!

You are Critical to the Success of the Nevada Women’s History Project


It is through your ongoing support that our organization continues to preserve women's histories. Thank you to all our members for both your hard work and financial support!

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