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Alphabetical List of First Ladies

Welcome to the Nevada’s First Ladies web page.  The Nevada Women’s History Project’s Jean Ford Research Center is pleased to present this special research on each of Nevada’s twenty-eight First Ladies.  Our goal is to obtain and publish comprehensive biographies so that our readers will know each First Lady as an individual and not simply a title or an appendage of their husband.

All of these women had special talents, accomplishment and experiences.  Many of our more recent First Ladies had occupations before holding the unofficial position of ‘governor’s wife.  Prior to Ada Pittman (1945-1951), who was a newspaper publisher in her own right, there is little information about the contributions within their communities and our state.  Their contributions have been missing for far too long and it is an important part of Nevada history that needs to be filled in and publicly recognized.

We have provided a bibliography and photograph for each First Lady, and have included an obituary for those that can be legally reproduced.   Most are woefully lacking in personal details.  As we gain copyright permission for the more recent women’s obituaries we will add them to the information.  As biographies are received they will replace that woman’s obituary.    Please note that print articles from 1926 through present day are protected by existing copyright restrictions.  Any future use of such articles must be credited to the publisher.

We are very fortunate to have several living former First Ladies and have asked for biographical information from each of them.  We plan to post photographs and biographies as they are received.

All potential writers are welcome – NWHP members and non-members.  You can contact us for additional information on other bibliography entries by email (www.nwhp@pyramid.net), by telephone (775-786-2335), or by FAX (775-786-6865).  Since the NWHP is an all volunteer organization, please allow 7-10 working days for a response.

Researchers and website patrons can access hard copies of our documents at the Jean Ford Research Center (770 Smithridge Drive, Suite 300, Reno, NV).  To meet at our office, please contact us so that one of our volunteers can set an appointment.

Please assist us in gathering additional information on Nevada’s First Ladies.  If you know of any First Lady relative or individual who could provide additional information or could write a biography on any of the listed women please contact our organization and leave a message with your name and phone number so we can contact you.  We do not wish to keep any primary documentation but would appreciate the opportunity to make both hard and digital copies for our files and website bibliography.   If the owner of documentation prefers to have future control regarding the use of photographs or other personal written material that also can be arranged. 

Instructions for Submission of Biographies
Form for Submission of Biographies

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