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Treasurer's Position

The NWHP is looking for a new Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for making deposits to the bank account and paying bills from the account. NWHP uses QuickBooks software to generate financial statements. These statements include a profit and loss and a balance sheet. Both the bill paying and receipts are coded in QuickBooks so that these statements can be created each month for the monthly executive meeting. The bank account must also be balanced on a regular basis.

QuickBooks is an easy program to learn to use. The chart of accounts is set up and the dues paying members are coded as customers. There is also a vendor list of people to whom we pay regular bills. The book keeping has been done at the Treasurer’s home rather than the office both for convenience and control.

The job of book keeping for the project takes some part of 4‐5 days a month. This includes going into the office at least once a week for mail and attending the executive meettng which is held once a month and lasts about 3 hours.

The volume of coding and bill paying is not heavy. Dues are paid at the beginning of the year and the months with the most programs are May and September or October. The reports must be generated and the bills paid on a timely basis so the most important part of the job is not to get behind.

Attendance at most of the History project events is part of being the Treasurer. Sometimes people pay at the door for an event and often, if it is a lunch, the restaurant has to be paid.

So, if you can’t go to an event you must make arrangements for these things to be handled. There are two signatures required on checks and this must be coordinated so the signatories should be reachable.

Contact Linda Wyckoff to talk about this position.

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