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Nevada Suffrage History
Two States Vote To Give Suffrage
Montana And Nevada Won By The Women, Both By Small Margins

The New York Times, November 5, 1914

CHICAGO, Nov. 4. — Women suffrage leaders rejoiced tonight when belated returns indicated that votes for women had been apparently granted in two of the seven States voting on the question in Tuesday’s election, with a third State in doubt. First returns had indicated refusal of the franchise to women in all seven States concerned.

Montana and Nevada, according to the latest returns, granted votes to women, while Nebraska showed such a small vote against the proposal that the women claimed the State. Missouri, Ohio, and North and South Dakota refused to grant equal suffrage, the majority against granting the franchise to women increasing with the size of the population concerned. …

In Nevada, which seems won to the cause of equal suffrage, 105 precincts out of 240 gave 3,619 votes for woman suffrage and 2,508 against. …

“I am not dissatisfied with the results in the West,” said Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the International Woman Suffrage Association and of the Empire State Women’s Campaign Committee, who has also been campaigning in the West. “We have ten States, not counting Nevada and Montana.”

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