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NWHP Collection of Files on Nevada Women
to be Housed at the Nevada Historical Society

The NWHP collection of Nevada women’s files will soon be accessible to researchers at the Nevada Historical Society in Reno. A resolution authorizing this change was voted on and passed unanimously at the January 17, 2012, meeting of the NWHP Executive Committee. In April the Nevada Women’s Fund Director and CEO Isabelle Rodriquez Wilson signed the loan agreement as did Sherlyn Hayes-Zorn, Acting Director of the Nevada Historical Society. As soon as an index is completed, NWHP will begin the transfer of its collections to the NHS facility at 1650 North Virginia Street in Reno. NWHP will retain ownership of the collections. In addition to individual files, other items to be loaned will include photos, miscellaneous files on women’s issues and organizations, NWHP newsletters, cassettes, tapes, DVDs, and CDs.

Our decision to pursue this change in policy was based largely on the difficulty of our all-volunteer membership to serve as docents whenever anyone wished to access our collections and the lack of requests by researchers to do so. It became increasingly evident as the years went by that without a paid employee to handle inquiries that we did receive, very little use would be made of our collections. The Nevada Historical Society staff members are pleased that their institution will serve as the repository of our collections which will complement their extensive holdings. Our files and other materials will be housed in separate containers and identified as belonging to the Nevada Women’s History Project. NWHP members will be trained to add new information to existing files, bring in new files as they are produced, and add other pertinent material deemed of value to researchers.

The NWHP office, located in the Nevada Women’s Fund office at 770 Smithridge Dr., Suite 300, Reno, will continue to be our organization’s meeting place, repository for our equipment, sale items, books, organizational files, computer, printer, work station, phone, fax, supplies, raffle items, and remaining collections.

NWHP will continue with its mission to collect information and write biographies of Nevada women, do oral histories, reach out to the community with special events and programs, and to educate our citizenry about the contributions women in Nevada have made both past and present.

Updates on the progress of this transition will be made via the NWHP newsletters and at our meetings throughout the coming year. We are excited that access to our research material will be available every week of the year at the oldest historic research institution in our state.

Kay Sanders, Co-Chair Jean Ford Research Center Editor, Web site biographies


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