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Missing Newsletters

We want to alert all our members who receive the hard copy of our newsletter that we have been experiencing some problems with returned mail. Occasionally, members have not received their newsletters and thought they went astray or were sent to an incorrect address or that we had not updated our mailing list. Bulk mailing regulations seem to be causing the return of these newsletters.

We have learned:

If you are on vacation and have your mail held, you will receive our newsletter.

However, if you are temporarily away or on vacation and are having your mail forwarded to a temporary address, bulk mailings such as our newsletter will not be forwarded to you. The U.S.P.S. returns bulk mail to the sender instead of forwarding and charges the sender for the return.

If you have missed receiving your newsletter, there are some options for those of you with computers and email addresses.

If you go the NWHP’s website (www.nevadawomen.org), the latest newsletter is always available. On the home page, go to the header and click on “Newsletter.” This will take you to the next page which shows the date of the latest newsletter posted. Just click on that date and you will be taken directly to the newsletter.

If you prefer, the newsletter can be sent digitally directly to you at your email address.

And a bonus here is that the digital newsletter is in living color!

If you want to receive the digital version of the newsletter instead of the hard copy, just send an email to NWHP@pyramid.net and we will include you on our digital mailing service. Using your email to notify us, will also help ensure we have your most recent email address.

We hope this bit of information is useful to you and that access to our website or receiving the digital version via email will solve the problem!

Grace Davis, Membership


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