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Ethiopian Lunch was Informative and Enjoyable

NWHP presented its first “CULTURES OF NORTHERN NEVADA” luncheon and program in October at Zagol, an Ethiopian restaurant.

Thuy Tran, a realtor with Coldwell Banker, presented the event and did most of the work for it. She solicited sponsors to underwrite it so that NWHP was able to make a profit of $800. ThoseThuy Tran sponsors were Jillian Hever, a loan originator at Prime Lending; Connie Tent who is managing partner of J.R. Tent Recruiting, LLC; Jorge Munoz; and Sherwin Escanuela of AREAA Las Vegas. David Staley of David Staley Digital Photo Lab was the photographer for the event and his photos can be seen and purchased on his website. These sponsors not only provided financing and services for the event, several of them attended. NWHP is sincerely grateful to Thuy Tran and her sponsors for puttng on our first fundraiser as a new standalone nonprofit.

Thuy Tran organized a program called a “Glimpse of Ethiopia”, and we were all introduced to Ethiopian food. Approximately 40 people attended the event where Nahom Hagos spoke of his cultural heritage and described how his mother and other female relatives live in modern Ethiopia. Attendees also witnessed a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony whose roots go back over 1000 years. This was the fifth cultural program presented by Thuy Tran this year.

Most of the programs benefit local schools, but this time she chose NWHP to be the beneficiary of her event. NWHP learned many things about modern nonprofit fundraising from Thuy, and we will try to find sponsors to help underwrite our events in the future.



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