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Women Suffragists At Douglas County Historical Society

What a wonderful afternoon where we chatted with several noted Nevada Women telling us how women can influence the men in their family to vote for women’s “Right to Vote.” The event was held at Douglas Historical Society and Museum on March 22, 2014 at 2 pm. We were overwhelmed with the response from the community with a douglas 1wide range of ages of both ladies and gentlemen attending.

The first speaker was the noted Dr. Eliza Cook, the first licensed woman doctor in Northern Nevada. She was inspirational to us all and told us to persevere in the endeavor of woman’s suffrage.

Our second and third speakers were well known to us: Miss Anne Martin and Miss. Bird May Wilson. These two ladies are the backbone of the Women’s Suffrage movement for our state. Miss Wilson, a lawyer, is very dedicated to get the “Votes for Women” and had some great ideas to help us convince our men folk.douglas 2

Anne Martin arrived a short time later and joined Miss Wilson on stage. Miss Martin told stories of her trip to England and her participation in the public marches for suffrage rights. Miss Martin with some of the British ladies were arrested and later bailed out of jail by none other than our own Hebert douglas 3Hoover. She is very passionate on this subject and will talk to anyone who wants to understand why women’s suffrage is important. It’s not only good and right for women to vote but the society as a whole is enriched when woman take on that responsibility.

Our last speaker was the charming Mrs. Lillian Virgin from Genoa. Not only is Mrs. Virgin a staunch supporter of Women’s Suffrage, but also wants ladies and gentlemen of the community to roll up their sleeves, and lend a hand to the building of Genoa.

Once the speakers were done the ladies answered the many questions we had. We all left the meeting with a new sense of determination to work harder and appreciate the efforts that are being made for woman’s suffrage.

Presenters of our Nevada Women were:

Lauri Hickey as Dr. Cook;
Holly Van Valkenburgh as Anne Martin;
Kathy Noneman as Bird Wilson
Kim Copel as Lillian Virgin

Photos courtesy Jon and Christianne Hamel
Written by Jon and Christianne Hamel

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