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Celebration of the Centennial of Nevada
Women Winning the Right to Vote

The 100th anniversary of Nevada women winning the right to vote is coming up fast.  The 150th (sesquicentennial) anniversary of Nevada obtaining statehood is on the fast track as well.  Both of these landmark events will be officially celebrated in our state beginning October 31st, 2013 and ending October 31st 2014.  A state planning committee will be doing fundraising and will have a traveling museum trailer which will go to 150 locations in Nevada.  NWHP hopes to participate in many ways, details of which are still being decided.  However, since our Web site currently contains at least ten completed biographies of Nevada suffragists, we are going to feature them in our newsletters beginning with the current issue.

In our office we have a suffrage material box that is accessible for NWHP members who wish to do research on Nevada  suffragists.  We have obtained books from Donna Clontz that contain information on the suffrage movement, including information on Nevada suffragists.  These are housed in our office and are available for check-out.

NWHP vice-chair Kathy Noneman attended a meeting of the NV 150 planning committee in November.

NWHP member Dana Bennett has been hired as a planning committee consultant. Ideas for our involvement with the celebration are welcomed. Kathy will be reporting on this collaboration.  Mary Anne Convis has agreed to be the liaison between NWHP and the state planning committee.

Kay Sanders, Co-Chair
Jean Ford Research Center

Susan B AnthonySuffrage is a pivotal right - Susan B. Anthony

Nevada Suffragists who have biographies posted on the NWHP Web site

  • Hannah Clapp
  • Anne H. Martin
  • Felice Cohn
  • Mila Maynard
  • Eliza Cook
  • Laura M. Tilden
  • Mary S. Doten
  • Francis S. Williamson
  • Sadie Dotson Hurst
  • Bird Wilson


Nevada Suffragists on the NWHP Web site whose biographies have not been written

  • Florence Humphrey Church
  • Fannie Gore Hazlett


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