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To All NWHP Members and Friends:

On April 15, Senator Debbie Smith is introducing a Senate Proclamation in honor of the100th Legislative Anniversary Nevada Equal Suffrage.   

Anyone who would like to be present is welcome to come to the Nevada Legislative Building by 10:45am on April 15 and join our group at the entrance to the Senate Chambers.

We MUST know by April 5 the names of the NWHP members who will sit in the Chamber with Senate members.  We will not be making comments but hope to make an impression with many attendees, who may be in 1913 attire.  Contact Holly Van Valkenburgh at hovava@juno.com or 884-4246 or 230-5345.

Our member, Mary Anne Convis, NWHP historical clothing expert, says the skirts were floor length and every woman wore a hat. If you need assistance with a hat, she has a collection she is willing to share.  She would also be helpful is getting your "costume" together.  888-9867.  If you are not interested in coming in "costume" please be assured it is not a requirement!

Please plan to be in the hall outside the Senate Chambers at 10:45am, April 15.

Please let me know before April 5 if you plan to participate.  We need to let Senator Smith's office have the names of those who will be sitting on the Senate Chamber floor well before the actual event.

The current participant list is:

Chamber Floor:

Patty Cafferata, sitting with Senator Cegavske
Holly Van Valkenburgh (in costume)
Kathy Noneman (in costume)
Barbara Finley (in costume)
Mary Anne Convis (in costume)
Marcia Cuccaro
Mona Reno

In the Gallery:
Anyone who did not make the April 5 registration deadline is still welcome to sit in the Gallery.


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