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Instructions for Submission of Biographies
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Anyone, member or not, may submit a biography of any woman in Nevada, (either born and raised in Nevada, or who spent some of her life here) whom she/he deems to be of interest to Nevada’s history.  She need not be outstanding in politics, activism or professional work, as long as her life story would be interesting to other women.  All races, nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds are sought in order to make our Web Site as complete as possible.

Please read the following requirements for submission: 
[Please note that when preparing First Ladies Biographies the following vital statistics must be included (except in the case of a living First Lady):  1) Date and location of birth/ death 2) City/Town of burial.]

1.  All biographies must be typed.  If the author doesn’t type, she/he may ask a friend to type it for him/her or contact the Chairman of the Web Site Committee for assistance.

2. Submissions should be in hard copy (typed copy), email attachment, or on disk? CD either in Word or Word Perfect.  If the author is not computer-friendly, she/he should contact the Editor of the Web Site for Assistance in putting the biography on disk?, email attachment or CD.  Copy should be in 10pt, 3 to 5 pages in length.

3. All biographies must be submitted to the Editor of the Web Site.

4. All biographies will be edited.

  • If changes are minor, such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc., the editor will make such changes as necessary on both the hard copy, email attachment and the CD.
  • If changes are major, such as removing or rephrasing sentences and/or paragraphs, the Editor will note such recommendations on the hard copy and return the copy and/or CD to the author, who should make the recommended changes and re-submit to the Editor.  If the author wishes to discuss them with the Editor, she/he should feel free to do so.

5. All biographies should contain a photograph of the subject whenever possible and include a photo credit.

6. All biographies must contain all references (bibliography) used to compile the biography.

7. All biographies must be in the form recommended by NWHP (see Form Submission).

8. A Web Site Biography Release Form must be signed and returned to the Web Site Editor prior to the biography being added to our Web Site.

Web Site Committee:

  • Web Master: Lisa-Marie Lightfoot: 775-849-2050 • lightfeet@charter.net
  • Editor: Kay Sanders: (775) 747-1740 • kay.sanders@live.com

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