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Form for Submission of Biographies
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At a glance:

Vital Statistics: (birth/death dates; locations of both)
Maiden name:
Race/nationality/ethnic background:
Married: (if married more than once, list all husbands)
Children: (number and sex)
Primary city and county of residence and work:
Major fields of work:
Other role identities:

Click here for an example of format

The biography should be written in chronological order. The biographer should make no personal comments about the woman or her life unless she was personally known to the writer. In such case, use the wording, for example, "the author knows from personal experience that Mrs. Blank (said, did, was)." Submit as many pages as is necessary to make the biography complete. At the end of the biography, the names of both author and researcher should be noted and researcher should be noted, plus the month and year of submission.


All sources of information the author used should be listed in the following: (If this is confusing to you just list all the information required below for each source, and the Editor will put it in order.)


Author's name, last name first. Complete Book Title. Where published: Publisher, date published. Or if editors: Editor's name, last name first, Editor. Then proceed as above. (Sample: Anderson, Alice Grace, Ed. The Nineteenth Century. New York: Hargraves Publishing Company, 1995.)


Article in Reference Book:
Author's name, last name first. "Name of Article." Complete Book Title. Number of edition if more than one edition was printed. Date published. (Sample: Anderson, Alice Grace. "A Basketmaker." Guide to Nevada Women. 2nd Ed. Reno: Nevada, 1998.)


Articles in Periodicals:
Author's name, last name first. "Title of Article." Name of Periodical .Number of Issue, Year: page numbers. (This includes magazines, journals, etc.) (Sample: Anderson, Alice Grace. "Washoe County Women." Guide to Nevada Woman. May, 2000, pp 25-30.


Author's name as above. "Title of Article." Name of Newspaper. Date of issue. If an article is taken from a newspaper with several daily editions, mention which edition.


Personal Interview:
Name of person interviewed, last name first. Date and place of interview. (Sample: Anderson, Alice Grace. Personal interview. July 1, 2000, Reno, Nevada.)


Internet Sources:

Note References:
Author’s name (in normal order), title of document, date of Internet publication, <URL> or other retrieval information (date of access), text division (if applicable). (Sample: 1. TyAnna K. Herrington, “Being Is Believing,” review of Being Digital, by Nicholas Negroponte, Kairos: A Journal for Teaching Writing in Webbed Environments 1, no. 1 (1996), http://english,ttu,edu/kairos/1.1 (24 May 1999), Introduction.)

Bibliography off the internet:
Author’s name (inverted), Title of publication (italicized where appropriate), date of online publication, <URL> or other retrieval information, (date of access).
(Sample: Teague, Jason Crawford. “Frames in Action.” Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments 2, no. 1, August 20, 1998. http://english.ttu.edu/kairos/2.1 (7 October 1999).

Email Message:
Author’s name (in normal order), subject line, in quotation marks, date of sending, type of communication (personal email, distribution list, office communication), date of access, in parentheses. (Sample: Danny Robinette, “Epiphany Project,” 30 April 1999, office communication (29 May 1999).)


Please don't let this bibliographical information overwhelm you, but remember it is extremely important that future researchers know where to locate the information you have published. Just do the best you can, and if you have questions contact the Biography editor, Kay Sanders at kay.sanders@live.com.

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