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Mary Doten


by Mary S. Doten
December 5, 1890

Oh! say to whom of all the earth, 
To day of death from day of birth, 
You turn for love that's true, man! 
To whom look you for tender care? 
Who's ever quick your lives to share? 
But some fond, loving woman?
In childhood's happy hours you prize 
A glance from mother’s loving eyes, 
Far more than from another, 
And older grown, you'll seldom find 
A better friend than sister kind, 
That fondly loves her brother.
Who minds your house, who mends your clothes? 
And keeps you fairly human? 
And who with careful thought e’er hides 
Your petty faults, from all besides, 
But same true, patient woman?
And you, Creation's Lords, so grand, 
On lofty height, self-placed, you stand 
And take all as your due, man! 
And never think that credit’s due 
To one that's proved companion, true, 
This constant, helpful woman.
She's not your equal, so you say, 
Down on your knees, proud man, and pray 
Forgiveness from each woman. 
If not your equal who’s to blame? 
Who makes the laws that are a shame, 
And that you yet shall rue man?
Go hide your face, in secret blush, 
Nor e’er again soft nonsense gush 
Of rev’rence felt for woman. 
Just let me show you where you've placed 
The mother, sister, wife, who've graced 
Your life, and made it true, man.
She must not vote, the cares of state 
On her fair brow must bear no weight, 
She could not understand them! 
And so - with idiots, paupers, cranks, 
Proud man, you claim that woman ranks! 
In such low state you band them.
Oh man! there comes a day of fate 
When you shall find, I fear too late, 
That poor, down-trodden woman 
Has burst the bonds that hold her fast; 
That triumph comes to her at last, 
And as she’s only human
From giddy height she’ll pull you down, 
Nor let you longer wear the crown; 
She'll serve you to your due, man, 
And you in turn will find your rank 
With idiots, pauper, silly crank, 
Far, far below good woman!
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