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Alphabetical List of Women

The following women are proposed to be included in the first phase of the database. Only names that are highlighted in light red are currently available. Our research archives gratefully accepts any documents related to these or any other noteworthy woman. Additional information may be obtained from the Jean Ford Research Center by contacting nwhp@pyramid.net

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Each Name, appears with (birth-death), if known
  • predominant Nevada county and city in which she lived and worked
  • type of work focus; role identities
  • Nevada flag Nevada's First Ladies
Emma (Lee) Adams, (1851-1941)  Nevada flag
  • Carson City, San Francisco, CA
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Eva Bertrand Adams, (1908-1991) 
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • government (appointed U.S. Director of the Mint)
Lois Thompson Allen, (1904-1999)
  • Humboldt Co. (Winnemucca), Eureka Co. (Beowawe), Washoe County (Sparks, Sun Valley)
  • wife, mother, foster parent, teacher, school principal, business owner
Myrtle Beatrice Talcott Anker, (1894-1973)
  • Ranch owner & manager
  • Pershing Co. Farm Bureau leader
  • Mother, wife, sister, daughter, grandmother and great-grandmother, friend, and homemaker.
Charlotte Hunter Arley, (1912-2006)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Attorney
  • Champion of the underdog
Caroline Elizabeth Aufdermaur , (1910-1991)
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • Caregiver, church club member, Farm Bureau, 4-H, Pink Ladies, Fairview Homemakers, American Association of Retired Persons, housewife, mother, and farm partner
Dessie Lola Bailey, (1918-1999)
  • Clark Co. (Llas Vegas)
  • Volunteer work with mentally handicapped children, wife
Edna Idelle (Sinnamon) Balzar, (1881-1943) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Edna Catlin Baker, (1875-1957)
  • Washoe Co. (Sparks)
  • education (teacher), government (elected to Sparks School Board and University of Nevada Board of Regents), political activist, wife
Martha Barlow, (1920-1993)
  • Mineral Co. (Hawthorne)
  • government (elected County Clerk)
Virginia Hode (Bradley) Belknap, (1847-1925) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, San Francisco, CA
  • Governor's Official Hostess, wife, mother
Mary (Poor) Bell, (1850-1925) Nevada flag
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Edith Naomi (Bremenkampf) Bernard, (1914 - 2005)
  • Carson City
  • Wife, mother, civic activist
Minnie Nichols Blair, (1886-1972) 
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon)
  • business (Spudnut shop), ranching/agriculture (turkey farmer) 
Sarah Jane (Cox) Blasdel, (1826-1904) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, San Francisco, CA
  • First Lady, wife, mother, philanthropist
Kittie Wells Bonner, (1901-1985)
  • Smith Creek Valley & Austin, Lander Co.
  • community activist and volunteer, deputy sheriff, newspaper correspondent

Libbie Conover Booth, (1856-1948)

  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Educator - Teacher and Principal
Grace A. Bordewich, (1910-1999)
  • Carson City
  • daughter, teacher, educator
Eilley Oram Bowers (1826-1903)
  • Washoe/Storey Co.
  • business (boarding house, laundry, parties), psycho- spiritual (seeress), wife, mother
Vida Margaret (McClure) Boyle, (1880 - 1972) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, newspaper publisher, world traveler
Emma Lou Montgomery Brandt (1917-2006)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • teacher, drugstore owner/manager, housewife, Girl Scout leader, community volunteer
Mildred Bray, (1892-1975)
  • Carson City
  • government (elected State Supt. of Education)
Mildred Matthews Breedlove
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • author, poet 
Verna "June" Bradbury Broili
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • author, buyer for family-owned business, food columnist, historian
Carrie Choate Bullis, (1878-1964)
  • Humboldt Co. (Winnemucca, Paradise Valley, Denio)
  • Teacher, mother, wife
Carol Lu Ella Bullis-Echeverria, (1909-1988)
  • Humboldt Co. (Winnemucca) & Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Wife, mother, teacher, realtor
Florence Sanford Burge, (1912-1986)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Journalist
Isabella McCormick Butler, (1860(?)-1922)
  • Esmeralda Co. (Tonopah)
  • Prospector, rancer, mother, wife
Thelma Davis Calhoun, (1913-1998)
  • Carson City
  • civic leader, painter, wife, mother, grandmother, politics, Distinguished Nevadan, Nevada Woman of the Year
Carolyn Jean Adams Talcott Carlon, (1925-2014)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Law Enforcement, wife, mother, grandmother, foster grandmother, secretary
Virginia Carothers, (1875-1966)
  • White Pine Co. (Ely)
  • Teacher, Bookkeeper, Secretary
Irma Marie (Callahan) Carville, (1890-1973) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Florence Humphrey Church, (1869-1922)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • political activist, woman's club leader, wife, mother
Hannah Clapp, (1824-1908)
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • business, education (private school operator), political activist
Felice Cohn, (1878-1961)
  • Carson City 
  • attorney, political activist, woman's club leader 
Mary Frances (Hopkins) Colcord, (1847-1923) Nevada flag
  • Carson City
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Dr. Eliza Cook, (1856-1947)
  • Douglas Co. (Carson Valley)
  • medicine (physician), political activist, woman's club leader
Martha Patricia (Herz) Cooke, (1923-2012)
  • Washoe County (Reno)
  • Mother, wife, grandmother, great grandmother, civic activist, artist, friend and neighbor
Beda Brennecke Cornwall, (1907-1994) 
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas) 
  • library founder, wife, mother, education (teacher), woman's club leader, government (elected to Las Vegas School Board)
Clara Dunham Crowell, (1876-1944)
  • Lander County and Nye County
  • Sherriff, Nurse, Hospital Matron, wife, mother
Dat-So-La-Lee, (184?-1925)
  • Carson City
  • folk artist (Washo basketmaker), wife
Nellie Mighels Davis, (1844-1945)
  • Carson City
  • journalist, newspaper publisher, woman's club leader, wife, mother 
Marcia de Braga, (1937-2010)
  • Churchill County (Fallon) and Carson City
  • Rancher, District 35 Nevada Assemblywoman, Newspaper Columnist, wife, mother, grandmother, civic leader, political activist, political poet, Silver State International Association Rodeo co-founder, Nevada State High School Association Rodeo secretary, author and bird watcher.
Joanne De Longchamps, (1923-1983)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • author (poet)
Hazel Baker Denton, (1887-1962)
  • Lincoln Co. (Caliente)
  • author, education (teacher), woman's club leader, government (elected to Nevada Assembly), wife, mother
Una Reilly Dickerson, (1881-1959) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Mary Stoddard Doten, (1845-1914)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno), Storey Co. (Gold Hill & Virginia City), Lander Co. (Austin)
  • wife, mother, writer (journalist and poet), suffragist
Geneva Douglas, (1932-1993)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • science (health physicist), woman's club leader, wife
Alice Gottschalk Downer, (1913 - 2008)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno), Carson Co. (Carson City), Douglas Co.(Carson Valley)
  • teacher, mother, community volunteer
Anna Neddenriep Dressler, (1898-1987)
  • Douglas Co. (Carson Valley) 
  • rancher, woman's club leader, wife, mother 
Luella Kirkbride Drumm, (1872-1962)
  • Fallon, Churchill Co.
  • Homemaker, Civic Activist, State Legislature
Edna Crauch Trunnell Eddy, (1876-1962)
  • Humboldt (Winnemucca), and Pershing (Lovelock) Counties
  • embalmer; mortuary owner; elected public administrator 
Mary Eldridge
  • White Pine Co.
  • education (teacher), rancher 
Charlotte Rowberry Ellsworth, (1912-1998)
  • (Henderson, Las Vegas) Clark Co. (Reno) Washoe Co.
  • Room Reservation Manager and Assistant Hotel Manager, wife, mother, secretary
Mary Aileen Norton Evans, (1899-1993)
  • (Eureka Co. (Dunphy), Humboldt Co. (Winnemucca)
  • telegrapher, The Western Pacific Railroad Company
Lilly Hing Fong (1925-2002)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • Education (teacher), University Regent, UNLV and Community College of Southern Nevada benefactorwife, mother, public service
Imogene (Jean) Evelyn Young Ford, (1929-1998)
  • Clark Co., Washoe Co., Carson City (Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City)
  • citizen activist, government (elected to State Senate and Assembly), business (tour travel), education, research & preservation (Nevada Women's History Project founder), mentor, role model.
Katie Christy Frazier, (1890-1991)
  • Washoe Co. (Nixon)
  • folk arts, (Paiute storyteller), wife, mother 
Maude Frazier, (1881-1963)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • education, government (elected to Nevada Assembly, appointed Las Vegas Supt. of Schools, appointed Lt. Governor), administrator
Frances Gertrude Friedhoff, (1895-1958)
  • Lyon Co. (Yerington)
  • government (appointed to Nevada Senate), women's club leader
Dr. Mary Hill Fulstone, (1892-1987) 
  • Lyon Co. (Smith Valley)
  • medicine (physician), wife, mother
Wuzzie Dick George, (1879?-1984)
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon/Stillwater)
  • folk arts (Paiute crafts), wife
Viola Annie West Goldsworthy, (1896-1975)
  • Lyon Co. (Yerington), Washoe County (Reno)
  • Wife, mother, organizer of education and children
Martha Letcher Gottschalk, (1881-1973)
  • Pershing Co (Lovelock) and Washoe (Reno) Counties
  • nurses aid, care giver, wife, mother, orphan
Mary Louise Grantz (originally Grenz), (1879-1970)
  • Humboldt Co.
  • mining (prospector) 
Maianne (Williamson) Griswold, (1892-1965) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Marvel Ranson Guisti, (1912-1979)
  • Washoe Co.
  • Educator, counselor, scholarship coordinator, wife, mother, grandmother
Mary Hall, (187?-194?)
  • Eureka/Lander Co. (Grass and Denay Valleys) 
  • folk arts (Shoshone basketmaker)
Fannie Gore Hazlett, (1838-1933)
  • Lyon Co. (Dayton) 
  • wife, political activist
Sadie Dotson Hurst, (1857-1952)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • government (elected to Nevada Assembly), political activist, woman's club leader, wife, mother 
Theresa Smokey Jackson, (1916-1999)
  • Douglas Co. (Dresslerville)
  • Educator, basket weaver,mother, wife, speaker for Washoe Tribe, interpreter, consultant
Lubertha Miller Johnson, (1906-1989)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas) 
  • education (teacher), civil rights and social welfare activist
Velma Bronn Johnston, (1912-1977)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) 
  • Secretary, rancher, wild horse advocate, and activist
Elizabeth (Weyburn) Jones-Sifford, (1861-1925) Nevada flag
  • Churchill Co. (Stillwater), Lassen, CA
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Caroline Frances Best Kelley, (1919-2014)
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon), Carson City, Washoe Co. (Washoe Valley)
  • Wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, community leader
Elizabeth (Fall) Kinkead, (1837-1907) Nevada flag
  • Lyon Co. (Virginia City), Sitak - AK, Carson City, NV
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Dr. Olga Constatina Lord Kipanidze (1897-1976)
  • Washoe County. (Reno)
  • Doctor
Mabelle Jean Kirman, (1878-1947) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Bertha Knemeyer, (1885-19?)
  • Elko Co. (Elko)
  • education (teacher), government (appointed Deputy State Supt.)
Teresa D'Alosio Knight, (1891-1987)
  • Eureka Co. (Eureka)
  • Lincoln Co. (Delamar)
  • White Pine Co. (Lane City, Steptoe Valley, Ely)
  • cowgirl, housewife
Molly Flagg Knudtsen, (1915-2001)
  • Lander County (Grass Valley)
  • Washoe County (Reno)
  • Board of Regents member, enviromentalist, historic preservation advocate, wife, mother
Jackalyn (Ross) Laxalt, (1927- 2004) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Scotsdale - AZ, Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, Drug and Alcoholism Counselor, wife, mother
Therése Alpetche Laxalt, (1891-1978)
  • Carson City
  • business (boarding house/restaurant), wife, mother
Katherine Lewers, (1868-1945)
  • Washoe Co. (Washoe Valley, Reno)
  • Education and Art
Alice Allegra Dove List, (1910-1997)
  • Carson City
  • Washoe County (Washoe Valley)
  • Homemaker, Bookkeeper, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Gardener, Artist, Spiritual
    leader, Community leader
Jessie Callahan Mahoney, (1877-1956)
  • Eureka Co. (Dunphy, Beowawe)
  • rancher, wife, mother, education (teacher), government (elected to Eureka Co. Commission)
Lillian Malcolm, (1868-19?)
  • Nye/Esmeralda Co. (Rhyolite/Silver Peak)
  • prospector 
Anne H. Martin, (1875-1951)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) 
  • author, education (university instructor), political activist, woman's club leader
Mila Tupper Maynard, (1864-1926)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • religion (Universalist minister), political activist, woman's club leader, wife
Jean Sybil McElrath, (1917-1967)
  • Elko Co. (Wells)
  • author, journalist
Sister Fredericka McGrath
  • Storey Co. (Virginia City)
  • social welfare (administrator, Daughters of Charity)
Katharine (Kay) Norrid Mergen, (1910-1997)
  • Lyon Co. (Wabuska)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)  
  • Journalism, education, soil and water conservation
Laura Mills, (1893-1973)
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon) 
  • education (teacher)
Ida Browder Mountford, (1889-1961)
  • Clark Co. (Boulder City)
  • business (restaurant), government (elected to School Board)
Virginia Moreira Moura , (1910-1994)
  • Pershing County (Lovelock)
  • Housewife, mother, ranch partner, Deputy County Recorder, secretary/bookkeeper
Leona Addie Daoust Munk , (1911-2003)
  • Pershing County (Lovelock)
  • Ranching partner, bookkeeper, owner and operator of Kay-Lee's Drive-In
Emma Wixom Nevada, (1859-1940)
  • Lander Co.  (Austin)
  • fine arts (opera singer), wife, mother
Ellen Clifford Nay, (1879-1947)
  • Nye Co. (Tybo, Stone Cabin Valley, Belmont, Tonopah)
  • Esmeralda Co.(Goldfield)
  • Prospector, road house owner, mother, wife, blacksmith
Florentina Nostrossa, (1835-1922)
  • Eureka Co. (Eureka)
  • medicine (nurse/midwife), wife, mother
Carolyn J. (Randall) O'Callaghan, (1935 - 2004) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Ellen G. Oddie, (1841-1914) Nevada flag
  • Carson City 
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Ting Soo Hoo Ong, (1907-1925)
  • White Pine Co. (Ruth, McGill)
  • cook, restaurant owner, wife, mother
Mary Leitch Oxborrow, (1852-1935)
  • White Pine Co. (Lund) 
  • medicine (midwife), wife, mother 
Maria Garifalou Pavlakis, (1912 - 1982)
  • White Pine Co. (Ely)
  • Baker, pastry shop owner,  wife, mother, hotel manager
Josephine (Josie) Reed Pearl, (1873-1962)
  • Humboldt Co., White Pine Co. (Minerva, Ward)
  • mining (prospector), wife 
Lucille Elizabeth Emmert Petty, (1913-2006)
  • Carson City
  • wife, mother, grandmother, civic leader 
Ida Louise (Liz) Pittman, (1893-1984) Nevada flag
  • Nye Co. (Tonopah), White Pine Co. (Ely), Ormsby Co. (Carson City), Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • First Lady, music teacher, newspaper owner and publisher, wife, world traveler
Edna Covert Plummer, (1877-1972)
  • Eureka Co. (Eureka)
  • attorney, business (banking), woman's club leader, wife 
Bertha Eaton Raffetto, (1885-1952)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • fine arts (composer), author, wife, mother
Anna Frances Elleser Rechel, (1884-1967)
  • Mineral Co. (Rawhide)
  • mining (prospector)
Olga A. Wuertz Reifschnieder, (1900-1978)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • science (botanist)
Jennie O'Hare Riordan, (1874-1965)
  • Carson City, White Pine (White River Valley)
  • education (teacher), rancher, wife, mother
Bertha Bishop Ronzone, (1885-1969)
  • Nye/Clark Co. (Manhattan/Tonopah/Las Vegas) 
  • business (mercantile store owner), wife, mother
Mary Grace O'Donnell Rose, (1875-1935)
  • Humboldt (Winnemucca) 
  • government (elected to NV Assembly)
Ruth C. Ruddell , (1893- 1970)
  • Pershing County (Pershing)
  • Ranching
Marjorie Ann (Guild) Russell, (1916-1997) Nevada flag
  • Carson City
  • First Lady, Nevada State Museum Board of Trustees, wife, mother, teacher
Louise (Zadow) Sadler, (1851 - 1923) Nevada flag
  • Eureka Co. (Eureka), Carson City
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Kathleen Sandoval, Nevada flag
  • Washoe Co. (Reno), Carson City
  • First Lady, wife, mother, Non-Profit Family & Youth Intervention Program Director
Ferminia Sarras, (1840-1915)
  • Mineral County (Candelaria & Luning), Esmeralda County (Silver Peak)
  • Mining (prospector), wife, mother
Jesusa Saval, (1890-1982)
  • Lander Co. (Battle Mountain)
  • ranch owner/operator
Bette Norene (Hoge) Sawyer, (1923-2002) Nevada flag
  • Elko Co. (Elko), Carson Co. (Carson City), Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • First Lady of Nevada, mother, wife, civic activist
Julia (McCann) Scrugham, ( - 1954) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Washington D.C., Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • First Lady, wife, mother
Yolande Jacobsen Sheppard, (19?-19?)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) 
  • fine arts (sculptor), wife, mother
Helen Rulison Shipley, (1870-1955)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno), Nye Co. (Tonopah) 
  • medicine (dentist), wife
May Bradford Shockley, (18?-1977)
  • Nye Co. (Tonopah)
  • mining (mineral surveyor), wife
Alice Lucretia Smith, (1902-1990)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) 
  • political activist
Louise Aloys Smith, (1917-1999)
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • Military service, operatic soprano, assemblywoman, county library board member
Mildred Sebbas Smith, (1910-1999)
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • hospital administrator, mother, wife
Nancy Elnora (Knight) Sparks, (1857-1947) Nevada flag
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Ormsby Co. (Carson City)
Blanche Sprague
  • Esmeralda Co. (Goldfield)
  • woman's club leader, wife, mother
Wilhelmine Heidtman Springmeyer, (1847-1928)
  • Douglas Co. (Carson Valley)
  • Mother, wife, ranch owner
Sallie Maria Ruperti Springmeyer, (1903-2007)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) / Douglas Co. (Minden/Gardnerville)
  • Attorney and public service activist
Delphine Squires, (1868-1961)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • journalist, wife, political activist, woman's club leader
Ellen M. Frame Stevenson, (1845-1892) Nevada flag
  • Carson City, Oakland - CA
  • First Lady, wife
Helen J. Stewart, (1854-1926)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • rancher, government (elected to School Board), wife, woman's club leader, mother 
Mayme Stocker, (1875-1972)
  • Clark Co. (Las Vegas)
  • business (gaming licensee), wife, mother
Idah Meacham Strobridge, (1855-1932)
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • author
Ruth Davis Sullivan, (1896-1991)
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • teacher of piano, practical nurse
Elizabeth Marie Rasmussen Sundberg, (1874-1962)
  • White Pine County (Cherry Creek)
  • homemaker, community supporter, housekeeper, cook
Kathryn L. Marbaker Tubb, (1886-1957)
  • Nye County (Ash Meadows)
  • rancher, proprietor of boarding house/brothel
Lucy Van DeVenter, (1848-1928)
  • Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • political activist, woman's club leader, wife
Julia Viani
  • Mineral Co.
  • community service
Gue Gim Wah, (1900-1988)
  • Lincoln Co. (Castleton/Pioche) 
  • business (boarding house/restaurant), wife
Anna B. Mudd Warren, (1863-1944)
  • Washoe (Reno), Storey (Virginia City) 
  • attorney
Lois Hatch Deimel Washburn, (1902-1959)
  • Nye Co. (Pahrump), Carson Co. (Carson City), Mineral Co. (Hawthorne), Churchill Co.(Fallon)
  • Teacher, Nevada Assemblywoman, Wife, Grandmother, American Association of University Women, Daughters of the Civil War, Women’s Clubs in Nevada, Churchill County Farm Bureau
Edith West
  • Lyon (Yerington) 
  • women's club leader, wife, mother 
Dr. Jeanne Weir, (1870-1950) 
  • Washoe Co. (Reno) 
  • education (university professor), administrator, historian
Dixie Olean Karr Westergard, (1935-2007)
  • Carson County (Carson)
  • teacher, historian, author, mother
Margaret (Peg) Marean Wheat, (1908-1988)
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon) 
  • author, science (anthropologist), wife 
Mary Daisy Allen Williams White, (1873-1958)
  • Churchill Co. (Fallon & Fairview)
  • State Assemblywoman, wife, hospitality, business owner
Frances Slaven Williamson, (1842-1919)
  • Lander Co. (Austin), Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • author, educator (teacher), journalist, newspaper publisher, political activist, woman's club leader, wife, mother
Bird Wilson, (1865-1946)
  • Goldfield (Esmeralda), Manhattan (Nye) 
  • court reporter, secretary, stock broker, mine owner, lobbyist, women's rights advocate, suffragist, woman's club leader
Carrie Ellen Willis Wilson, (1868-1925)
  • Pine Grove, Nordyke, Mason Valley, Yerington, Lyon County, Nevada
  • Teacher, wife, mother, civic volunteer
Laura May Tilden Wilson (1872-1928)
  • Storey County (Virginia City)
  • lawyer, notary public, suffragist
Hazel Bell Wines, (1885-1949)
  • Humboldt Co. (Winnemucca), Elko Co. (Ruby Valley), Washoe Co. (Reno)
  • Teacher, politician, mother, wife
Sarah Winnemucca, (1844-1891) 
  • Washoe Co. (Pyramid Lake), Pershing (Lovelock), Humboldt (McDermitt)
  • education (teacher, school organizer), political activist, wife
Josie Alma Woods, (1889-1983)
  • Eureka Co. (Eureka)
  • government (elected to Nevada Assembly), rancher
Florence Anker Young, 1890-1976
  • Pershing Co. (Lovelock)
  • rancher, woman's club leader, journalist, political activist (woman's suffrage)


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