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Welcome to the Nevada Women's History Project web site! Our goal is to provide you with "history about the roles and contributions of Nevada women" and current information about upcoming Northern Nevada and events.

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NWHP Receives $10,000 Grant From
The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

The NWHP received a grant titled “The History of Two Women’s Organizations and Interviewing Nevada Women” from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The grant total costs are $24,059 of which NWHP received $10,000 from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust. The grant request was for $13,969 with a $10,090 match from the NWHP, so the project will need to be scaled down to match the actual funds received.

This is an 18‐month project which will end in December 2016 to accomplish two goals. The first goal is to video interview two panels of four or five women each: those who were founding Board Members of the Nevada Women’s Fund and women who were founders of the Nevada Women’s History Project. The NWF was established in 1982 and the NWHP in 1994. With the passage of time it becomes a priority to interview the women involved in these two major Nevada women’s organizations. These video recordings will be conducted in Fall of 2015.

The second goal is to interview individual women in Northern Nevada counties. The project is tied to Interstate 80 and Hwy 50. The women will be selected for their significant contributions to their county. For this project the counties involved are Carson City, Churchill, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, Washoe and White Pine. Women in Battle Mountain were interviewed for the 2014 Women of Diversity project, so for this grant Lander County will be represented by Austin women. Future grant requests will focus on Highways 93 and 95 for additional counties.

The grant application asked for two women in each county, but with the reduced funding amount we will need to reduce that number and complete as many as possible with the existing funding.

Since the NWHP established a collection at the Nevada Historical Society and they do not accept media, the grant included funding for transcribing these interviews for permanent paper housing at the NHS. The media will also have archival storage elsewhere.

Project Manager for this grant is Patti Bernard.




Progress Report on
Estelle J. Kelsey Website Grant

The NWHP website committee and the NWHP Board of Directors will be meeting with Shannon Hataway, Tangerine Design for Print & Web, at the end of August. Tangerine is a full‐service design and development shop whose owner works closely with her clients to grow a website for specific needs. Tangerine made the NWHP Suffrage Centennial website www.suffrage100nv.org in 2014.

Shannon will present three layout concepts for the new site. We will keep the existing content and add a media section to include video and oral interviews. In previous years and now with the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust grant for 2015‐16 NWHP will have several media items to add to the new site.

Also an exciting addition will be linking to any and all websites that contain biographical information on Nevada women. There are many local and statewide libraries, museums, archives and newspapers that either have online access to biographical information or have paper biographies, journal articles or clipping files the NWHP can link to. If you have suggestions for those links please send them to Mona Reno, mreno@gbis.com.

The files at the Nevada Historical Society are being indexed to the individual item and added to a database for enhanced access. This database will be added to the new website.

As a work in progress this database will be updated as we add items. Our vision is an alphabetic list of women’s names to a database that indicates if the information is at the NHS, on the media page, at a local library, museum, etc., linked to another webpage or in a book via the 2nd edition of the NWHP Annotated Bibliography.



First Ladies Website Report

NWHP members have been busy adding biographies of former Nevada Governor’s wives to our First Lady Biographies Collection. Since the first of the year, Marcia Cuccaro completed the biography of Una Reilly Dickerson and Janice Hoke added Elizabeth ‘Lizzie” Kinkead and Marianne Williamson Griswold to our ever growing list of completed biographies. Check them out on our website. The biographies provide interesting and little known facts about these women.

Patti Bernard and Christianne and Jon Hamel also presented a program in July for OLLI members during the organization’s summer session. The NWHP video of interviews with First Ladies Bette Sawyer, Jackie Laxalt, Kathy List, Carolyn O’Callaghan, Bonnie Bryan, Sandy Miller and Dema Guinn produced by Women of Diversity, Inc. was shown. A question and answer period completed the presentation.

Patti Bernard
Editor, Nevada First Ladies Biography Website



NWHP Women in Nevada History
Second Edition

We need NWHP members, their friends, their book clubs and their civic organizations to visit regional museums throughout the state to see if new publications about Nevada women are2nd edition
available for consideration for the new edition. The same goes for community organizations, including school fund‐raising projects that might have resulted in publications. Visits to local bookstores, churches, and libraries may also lead to relevant discoveries.

To help with the effort, the first edition has been scanned and is now available online for everyone to consult. The book is linked on this Webpage in the “Historical Resources” box:


The form to suggest books for including in the second editon is on www.nevadawomen.org in the Regular Features.

For more information and to submit suggestions contact
Betty Glass at glass@unr.edu.



“I may be the first woman member of Congress but I won't be the last.”
Jeannette Rankin (1880-1973)
US House of Representatives, R-Montana, 1916 and 1940



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For past printed newsletters, please call the NWHP office at 786-2335 or NWHP@pyramid.net. For past digital newsletters, please contact Marcia Cuccaro at 883-1454 or by email at marcia.cuccaro@yahoo.com. One of the most common problems with the digital newsletters comes when an email address is changed.


The Nevada Women's History Project newsletter is published in Carson City, Nevada. Annual subscription rate is included in dues. Non‐member subscription rate is $20 domestic, additional overseas. Copyright NWHP. All rights reserved. Under copyright law, this newsletter and the contents herein may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, by any means, electronic or otherwise, without permission from the publishers, except in normal use as provided by law. Opinions expressed by authors do not necessarily refllect official policy of NWHP. Unsolicited articles and photos and requests for Writer's Guidelines should be sent to the Editor, NWHP, 770 Smithridge Dr., Suite 300, Reno, NV 89502‐0708.

Editor: Holly Van Valkenburgh hovava@juno.com


Mission Statement

To provide visibility and support for the gathering
and dissemination of history about the roles and
contributions of Nevada women of every race, class
and ethnic background.


We welcome your feedback on how we can make this site a better resource for you in the future.

We thank you for your visit and encourage you to stay.



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Help Our Organization

The Jean Ford Research Center has a clipping file into which news clippings of women in the news are placed for future reference by interested parties and literary scholars. It is important to capture the activities and events of the women newsmakers and your help is needed. When you are reading the paper and see an item of interest, it would be greatly appreciated if you would clip it from the paper, note the date of the article on the clipping. The clipping(s) can then be sent to the Jean Ford Research Center for filing. Periodically duplicates are removed. The file remains an important part of claiming the history of Nevada's women for future writers and scholars.

Send your articles to:

Nevada Women's History Project
770 Smithridge Dr.,Suite 300 Reno, NV 89502-0708


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