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NNELI Events

 Pre-Service Teachers Meet For Orientation

University of Nevada, Reno students accepted into the NNELI grant program, met for orientation.  The group was introduced to NNELI faculty and staff and was given a tour of the Raggio Research Center teacher resources.  The Raggio Research Center is home of the NNELI grant offices.  NNELI Project Coordinator Sandra Prytherch addressed the group about the professional development opportunities the grant money provides for teachers interested in working with ELL children in the classroom.

SP 2014 Pre-Service Cohort Members

NNELI Event Provides Pre-Service Teachers Valuable Information Regarding State And Federal Initiatives

NNELI Pre-Service Teacher Cohort members, who are preparing to teach the growing population of English language learning (ELL) students, were given a valuable opportunity to learn about WiDA, Title III and Senate Bill 504 during an event at the Northern Nevada English Language Initiative (NNELI) offices in the Raggio Research Center, University of Nevada, Reno.  Jonathan Gibson, a former Nevada teacher who is now the Title III Education Programs Professional with the Nevada State Department of Education, was theJonathan Gibson guest speaker.  Following his presentation, Gibson asked, "What do state and federal initiatives regarding ELL  programs mean to you?"  To Gibson, it means that future ESL teachers have an opportunity of a lifetime for a rewarding career and, a significant return on their investment in their education.   View Jonathan Gibson's PowerPoint presentation to the Pre-Service Teacher Cohort here.

The Title III Office of the Nevada State Department of Education has graciously provided the

following two presentations.  Please follow the links below:

Washoe County School District WiDA presentation

Available for viewing here.

Title III-NCLB Office for Civil Rights, Department of Justice
Requirements for English language learners (ELL)

  View Title III PowerPoint presentation here.

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