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Project 1

Understanding the Neural Basis of Working Memory to Improve WM Function
Marian Berryhill (Investigator)
Vladimir Pravosudov and Victoria Follette (Mentors)

Project 2

Gideon Caplovitz lab

Behavioral and neural investigations of spatiotemporal form integration in healthy, sleep-restricted and brain-injured persons
Gideon Caplovitz (Investigator)
Michael Webster and Michael Crognale (Mentors)

Project 3

Alexander van der Linden lab

Temperature control of the C. elegans circadian clock
Alexander van der Linden (Investigator)
Scott Clark and Wei Yan (Mentors)

Project 4

Alex Keene lab

Analysis of sleep-deprivation induced memory loss
Alex Keene (Investigator)
James Kenton and Grant Mastick (Mentors)

Project 5

Xiaoshan Zhu lab

Engineering Magnetofluorescent Nanoparticles for Neurological Disease Diagnosis
Xiaoshan Zhu (Investigator)
Nelson Publicover and Kenneth Hunter (Mentors)

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