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Labs and Centers

Researchers in the computer vision lab

Computer Vision Lab

Primary Contacts: George Bebis and Mircea Nicolescu

Major Focus

Object recognition, visual motion analysis, 3-D reconstruction, face detection/recognition, biometrics, tracking and pose estimation projects of human body/head/ hand/eye-gaze, surveillance and human activity recognition.

A computer game display

Evolutionary Computing Systems Lab

Primary Contact: Sushil Louis

Major Focus

Evolutionary computing based machine learning and its applications to military training and decision support, computer gaming, and modeling and inversion.

Researchers in the bioinstrumentation lab

Lab for Bioinstrumentation and Automation

Primary Contact: Yantao Shen

Major Focus

Bioinstrumentation and automation, sensors and actuators, bio-mechatronics, smart assistive and neurorehabilitation interfaces

Geophysics students in the desert

Nevada Seismological Laboratory

Primary Contact: Graham Kent

Major Focus

The laboratory operates a statewide network of seismographic stations and investigates the sizes, frequencies of occurrence, and distribution of earthquakes in the region, and other problems related to seismic risk in Nevada.

Researchers in the robotics lab

Robotics Research Lab

Primary Contacts: Monica Nicolescu and David Feil-Seifer

Major Focus

Mobile and articulated robotics, multi-agent systems, machine learning, motion planning, human-robot interaction, biologically inspired robotics, and human activity recognition.

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