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Research and Innovation

The robotics lab

Participating Colleges

The research and innovation programs in advanced autonomous systems are led by the College of Engineering in collaboration with faculty and researchers from five other colleges:

Research Expertise

Researchers in the area of autonomous systems work on topics ranging from improving navigation and control of autonomous systems to developing applications related to environmental science and land management.

Learn more about specific areas of expertise and labs and centers related to autonomous systems.

Researcher Profiles

Scott Tyler

Healther Holmes: Improving air quality through better data gathering

Physics researcher wants to use autonomous systems to better understand air pollution

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Scott Tyler

Scott Tyler: Innovative instrumentation sheds light on environmental change

Professor of geological sciences and engineering combines fiber optic sensing with UAVs

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Sushil Louis

Sushil Louis: The perfect challenge

Computer science and engineering researcher seeks to develop an optimal opponent for educational simulations

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Mircea Nicolescu

Mircea Nicolescu: An algorithm for understanding

Computer science and engineering researcher uses computational models to help computers understand what they see

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Monica Nicolescu

Monica Nicolescu: A matter of common sense

Robotics researcher wants to develop robots that understand the world the way humans do.

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Matteo Aureli

Matteo Aureli: Back to basics

Mechanical engineering professor draws inspiration and excitement from fundamental process of discovery

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George Bebis

George Bebis: A vision for the future

Computer vision researcher developing innovative techniques to help autonomous systems navigate

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