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Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering

George Danko, Ph.D.


George Danko

Contact Information


  • DSc. (Post-Ph.D., Doctor of Academy of Sciences), 2010, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Ph.D. (Ph.D. and Candidacy Degree in Technical Sciences), 1985, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Dr. Tech. (Doctor's Degree), 1976, University of Technology, Budapest.
  • M.S. Applied Mathematics, Eotvos University of Sciences, Budapest.
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology, Budapest.

Positions held

  • 7/95-present     Professor, Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • 8/90-6/95         Associate Professor, Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • 09/87-8/90       Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • 11/86-8/90       Research Associate, Mining Engineering Depart­ment, Mackay School of Mines
  • 1/79-11/86       Associate Professor, Institute of Thermal Energy and Systems Engineering, University of Technology, Budapest.
  • 8/78-1/79         Visiting Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota.


Ten patents have been granted, including the following seven US pat­ents:

  • Danko, G., "Coordinated joint motion control system," 2008, US Patent No. 7457698. Applied in DOE, Newmont Mining Co- and Bobcat-funded research projects. 
  • Danko, G., "Multiphase physical transport modeling method and modeling system," 2009, US Patent No. 7610183B2. Applied in two major funded research projects in mine ventilation and geothermal energy process models at UNR.
  • Danko, G., "Coordinated Joint Motion Control System with Position Error Correction." 2011, US Patent, US 8,065,060.
  • Danko, G., "Control method and system for hydraulic machines employing a dynamic joint motion model." 2011, US Patent, US 8,065,037.
  • Danko, G., "Coordinated joint motion control system." 2012, US Patent, US 8,145,355.
  • Danko, G.,  "Multiphase Physical Transport Modeling Method and Modeling System." 2013, U.S. Patent 8,396,693 B2, pp. 1-62.
  • Danko, G., "Geothermal Energy Extraction System and Method", 2013, U.S. Patent 8,430,166 B2.

Grants and Awards

Several educational awards during university education.

  • Several educational awards during university education.
  • Total grants for research since 1990: $7,026,322.
  • Candidacy Fellowship Award, 1975-1978, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Sabbatical Development Awards, 2001 and 2008, University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Fulbright Visiting Professor to Hungary, 2008, Fulbright Commission, USA and Hungary.

Courses Taught

  • MINE 305 - Differential Models
  • MINE 310 - Materials Handling
  • MINE 350 - Fluids, Pumping & Drainage
  • MECH 422/622 - Introduction to Robotics together with MINE 435/635
  • MINE 425/625 - Engineering Power
  • MINE 435/635 - Introduction to Robotics
  • MINE 701 - Advanced Mining Equipment
  • MINE 702 - Adv. Mining Equipment
  • MINE 702F - Adv. Mining Transportation
  • MINE 725 - Subsurface Heat Mass Transport


Total of 34 peer-reviewed journal papers and 102 reviewed conference papers (See detailed list)


  • Danko, G., (1974). "Matrix Analysis of Transient Phenomena in Pipeline Flow," Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering, Vol. 18. No. 2.  University Press, Budapest, Hungary, pp. 167-189.
  • Danko, G., (1983). "The Possibility of Determining and Using a New Local Heat Transfer Coefficient," International Journal of Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 26, No. 11, pp. 1679-1684.
  • Danko, G., Mousset-Jones, P. and McPherson, M., (1988). "Sensitivity Analysis on Selected Input Parameters for Mine Climate Simulation Programs," AIME/SME Transactions, Littletown, Colorado, Reprint 88-159, pp.1-11.
  • Danko, G., Rao, M., and Mousset-Jones, P., (1989). "Numerical Modeling and Control of Gas Concentration in Underground Mines," International Journal of Microcomputer Application. Vol. 8, No. 3. pp. 1-12.
  • Danko, G., and Mousset-Jones, P., (1991). "High-temperature Mine Climate Simulation Model for Predicting the Effect of Mine Fire," Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Section A, Vol. 100, pp. 51-58.
  • Danko, G., (1993).  "Thermal loading Studies Using Cooling Enhancement and Ventilation," J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 104, December, pp. 358-371. 
  • Danko, G., Zhan, G., Mezei, Cs., Daemen, J., and Mousset-Jones, P. (1994). "Tunnel Roof Diagnosis Using a Robotic Sensor Test Bed," Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Section A, Vol. 103, pp. 129-136.
  • Bahrami, D., and Danko, G., (2006). "Thermal-Hydrologic Model of an Alternative Waste |Package Design for Yucca Mountain Repository," J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 154 pp. 247-264.
  • Danko, G., R. Tiwari, and J. Knowles, (2006). "Robot-Human Control Interactions in Mining Operations" SME Transactions, Vol. 320, pp. 85-93.
  • Kar, P., Danko, G., Armijo, J. S. , Mishra, M., and Bahrami, D., (2006). "Thermal Design of an Alternative Boiling Water Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Package Design for Yucca Mountain Repository," J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 155, pp. 90-104.
  • Danko, G., (2006). "Functional or Operator Representation of Numerical Heat and Mass Transport Models," ASME J. of Heat Transfer, Vol. 128, pp. 162-175.
  • Danko G., Walton J., Bahrami D. (2008) , "Increased storage capacity at Yucca Mountain favors thermal management for a cold repository." J. Nuclear Technology,. Vol. 163, No. 1, July 2008, pp. 47-61.
  • Danko G., Bahrami D., Birkholzer J. (2008), "Coupled in-rock and in-drift hydrothermal model study for Yucca Mountain." J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 163, No. 1, July 2008, pp. 110-128.
  • Danko, G., Birkholzer, J. T., Bahrami, D., Halecky, N. (2010) "Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow in the Emplacement Drifts Using Convection and Dispersion Transport Models."  J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 171 pp. 74-87.
  • Danko G., Bahrami D., Birkholzer J. (2011) "A Turbulent Transport Network Model in MULTIFLUX Coupled With TOUGH2." J. Nuclear Technology, Vol. 174, No. 3, pp. 375-400.
  • Danko, G., Bahrami, D., Mousset-Jones, P. (2011) "Ventilation and climate simulation with the MULTIFLUX code." Journal of Coal Science & Engineering, Vol. 17 no. 3 pp. 243-250.
  • Tiwari, R., Knowles, J., Danko, G. (2012).  "Bucket Trajectory Classification of Mining Excavators."  J. Automation in Construction, Vol. 31, pp. 128-139.
  • Danko, G., (2012) "Ventilation and climate control of deep mines." McGraw-Hill 2012 Yearbook of Science and Technology, page 296-299.
  • Danko, G. (2013) "Mining Machine Control in Virtual Working Kinematics."  Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Mining Technology, Vol. 122, No. 3, pp. 125-133.
  • Danko, G. (2013) "Subsurface Flow and Transport Process Model for Time dependent Mine Ventilation Simulations."  Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Mining Technology, Vol. 122, No. 3, pp. 134-144.

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