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Adding And Updating Names

Students may update their Primary, Preferred, and Degree Names on MyNEVADA.  Note that changes made to the Preferred Name will only appear in your MyNEVADA profile when you are viewing it.  Official name changes to the Primary Name (such as in the event of a marriage or divorce) must be approved by Admissions & Records in person.

Navigate to your Student Center and click on [Names] under Personal Information.

Student Center Dashboard

On the Names page, you are able to view the names you have listed as well as edit your Preferred Name and Degree Name.  As mentioned above, official changes to the Primary Name may only be updated in person at Admissions & Records.

Here we will be adding a Degree Name - begin by clicking on [Add A New Name].

Names Page

The Add A New Name page appears as below.

Add a New Name

Add a Degree Name by selecting "Degree" under name types.

Name Types

You may change the formatting of your name based on various countries' naming conventions by clicking on [Change Format].

Change Name Format

You may choose your name formatting in the Look Up Window.

Look Up Name Types

Complete all necessary fields with the appropriate information, then click [Save].

Add A New Name Complete

You will receive this Save Confirmation after your information has been processed.

Save Confirmation

On the main Names page, you may view and edit your Preferred and Degree Names, and delete your Degree Name.

Note: On the main Names page, the list only reflects the first and last names that were entered.  For Degree Name, your name will be printed according to all the information you inputted when you updated your Degree Name.  This includes the correct country formatting, your middle name and suffix if you have inputted information in those fields, but not including any prefix.Names Page Completed

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