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Using the Schedule Planner

There is a new Schedule Planner tool in MyNEVADA! This Schedule Planner can help you create a term schedule. Schedule Planner uses classes already in your Planner for a specific term to generate possible schedule options. Log into MyNEVADA and click My Academics on the left hand side.  Then click on My Planner. From your My Planner tab you can now look up classes using the Browse Course Catalog or Plan by My Requirements:

Browse Course Catalog

Add each desired course into your Planner:

add to planner

Once all courses have been added to your Planner, click each class and move to the desired term for which you would like schedules generated:

select all classes

After all classes have been moved to the desired term, navigate back to your Student Center. Click Schedule Planner on the left hand side within your Academics category:

 schedule planner

Now press the green Click Here icon. The Schedule Planner will pop up in a new window, make sure to allow pop ups from this site:

click here

Once the Schedule Planner appears, you will need to select the term for which the schedule is being generated:

select term

You will now need to add your courses from your MyNEVADA planner. Click Add Course:

add course

The classes you added to your planner via MyNEVADA will now be listed within the My Planner tab. Select all courses and click Add  to add them to your Schedule Planner. Once all have been moved successfully click Close:

my planner tab

If you have specific times you do not want to take classes, or times in which you want breaks, click Add Break. Breaks are at 5 minute intervals, and no schedules that would conflict with these breaks will be generated:


Once you have saved all desired Breaks, you can then click on Generate Schedules. All possible schedule options will now be listed for you. To view each schedule click on View:

view schedules

To quickly view the schedule option, you can also click the magnifying glass icon:

schedule quick view

When viewing a schedule option, you will be given the open seats available as well as the waitlist seats filled for each class:

open seats

To see any special class notes (prerequisites, department consent needed, etc), click the blue More Info icon:

Class Info

When viewing the weekly schedule for each option, you can also lock in desired class sections:

lock in classes

You can also compare up to four listed schedules. Click the schedules you want to see side by side and then click Compare. You will now see all selected schedules at a glance:

 compare schedules

Once you find the most desirable schedule, you can send it to your MyNEVADA Shopping Cart:

 send to shopping cart

Once all classes are transferred to your enrollment Shopping Cart, press ok to continue and the Schedule Planner window will  close. From your Student Center Dashboard, click the Enroll icon on the left hand side. Within the Enroll tab, click Add. Now select the term for which you created your schedule:

select term

From here, select Import Cart. This will import all the classes on the schedule you sent from Schedule Planner:

 Import cart

Now click on NEXT for each class:

click next

All classes from the schedule you selected should now be listed. In order to officially enroll into all of these classes, you will need to Proceed to Step 2 of 3:

proceed to step 2 of 3

As long as you meet all the required prerequisites, have a valid enrollment date and time, and no holds you will be able to proceed to step 3 of 3.You then will be given a "successful" message confirming your enrollment into all classes. 

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