Applying for Freshman Admission

You may begin your University of Nevada freshman application by navigating to the Application Website.

To begin your application, you must create a user account.  Click on LOGIN and then Create Account.

Apply Now create account

Fill out your account registration information and click Submit to create a username. You will use the username to login to the application system.

Account Registration

After the system creates your username, you will see a notification that you may begin your application.

Account Successfully Created

Return to the Appy To home page by clicking [Home] at the top right corner of the page.

Return To Apply Now Home Page

Sign in to the Apply Nevada system using the username you just created.

Apply Now sign in

Click on My Applications to begin your application. After submitting it, you may return here to access your completed application.

My Applications

Click on My Applications to begin your application.  After submitting it, you may return here to access your completed application.

My Applications

Click on Start a New Application.  Once you have started an application, you may return to this page after saving, and edit before you submit it.

Start a New Application

Select the corresponding Academic Career, Term, and Admit Type you would like to submit an application for.

Start a New Application

Fill out the required Biographic Information and click [Next].  At the bottom left there is a [Save] button - you should periodically save your application to make sure that the information is not lost while you are working on it.

Biographical Information

Fill out your Demographic Information, which includes your Veteran Status and Race\Ethnicity.

Demographic Information

You may select the major you wish to pursue on the Application Information page.  If you wish, you may change this at a later time.  The Type of Admission sought section will be populated corresponding to the information you entered during the creation of your application.

Application Information

In the Previous Education section, you will select the last high school you attended and input Previous College Information, if you have previously attended another institution of higher education.  Click on the magnifying glass next to the High School Attended field to begin the process.

Previous Education

You will see a window where you can look up your high school by City, State, or CEEB Code.  For more information about this process, please visit the page Looking Up Other Schools You Have Attended.

High School Look Up

Input your Graduation Year and if you are attending or graduated from a high school in the state of Nevada, enter your Nevada High School Student ID number.

Previous Education Complete

On the Emergency Contact Information page, fill out the required information for the individual you would like to have contacted if you are admitted to the university and there is an emergency.

Emergency Contact Information

On the Residency Information page, you will select whether or not you intend to seek Nevada residency for tuition purposes.  If you do intend to seek Nevada residency, you will need to provide verifying documentation.

Residency Information

There are various scholarships which are granted to eligible individuals based on whether or not they meet certain criteria.  Please check any of the Scholarship Consideration boxes that apply to your current situation.

Scholarship Consideration

You may save, exit, and return to editing your application any time before you submit it.  Navigate back to My Applications, select the application you wish to edit, and continue working on it.

Current Applications

On the final page of the application, you will need to provide your electronic signature, certifying that the information you have provided on the application is accurate and that you understand that all required credentials, such as transcripts and other educational records, must be directly submitted before an admission decision may be made.

Applicant's Certification

To complete the submission of your application, you must pay the $60.00 application fee.

Applicant's Payment

Fill out the required billing information and click on Continue to process your payment.

Pay with Credit Card

You will see this page when your application fee has been processed.

Payment Completed Message

You may click on [Back] to view your completed application.

Payment Completed

You may view applications you have submitted by returning to My Applications.

My Applications - Application Submitted

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