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Accepting Your Admission

Once you have received the email notifying you of your acceptance, you can accept your offer for admission to the university in MyNEVADA by logging in using your NSHE ID and password.

After you login to MyNEVADA, click on the Applicant Center Dashboard link. This will direct you to your Applicant Center. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see your current application. Instead of View Status, you will now see a blue link reading "Accept or Decline." Accepting your admissions lets UNR know that you will be attending for the term you applied for. If you do not wish to attend, you can decline your admissions. Please note that if you do this, it cancels all other applications with UNR such as Housing and you could lose your space. Only decline if you are sure you will not be attending. Click on the Accept or Decline link to continue on and accept or decline your admission.

accepting your admissions

You will now see the term and program for which you have applied for. To continue, click "Accept/Decline." To go back click [Cancel].accepting your admissions

To Accept, click [I Accept Admission] and to decline, click [I Decline Admission]. You will be asked to confirm on the next page.

accepting your admissions

Confirm your admission acceptance by clicking [Confirm Acceptance].

confirming admission acceptance

You have finished accepting your admission to the University of Nevada, Reno! Please refer to the To Do List in your Student Center for any outstanding items that require attention. To go back to your Student Center, click [Cancel]. After 24 hours you will be able to set up your NetID through the NetID management tool. Choose the Activate NetID option.

Finished accepting admissions

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