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CABNR Student Researchers

Typical Year One
Year Two and Beyond

Typical Year One

Fall Semester (9 Credits)
Laboratory Practicums/Research Rotations:
BCH 705 Molecular Biology 3
BCH/CMB/CMPP 701 Laboratory Practicum I 3
PHAR 725 Ethics in Research 2
CMB/BCH/CMPP 790 Seminar 1
Spring Semester (11 Credits)
Laboratory Practicums/Research Rotations:
CMB 710 Cell Biology 4
BCH/CMB/CMPP 702 Laboratory Practicum II 3
BCH/BIOL/CMB/CMPP 794 Colloquium 1
Statistics (if needed) 3

Lab rotation courses are strongly recommended. All students should be rotating through a minimum of two laboratories, especially if you have not yet selected a research advisor. If you have an advisor, the rotations should be completed in the laboratory of your advisor.

Representative Electives (17 Credits Required for Graduation)
Biochemistry Courses:
BCH 603 Medical Molecular Genetics 0
BCH 605 Molecular Biology 3
BCH 610 Plant Physiology 3
BCH 613 Molecular Biophysics 3
BCH 617 Metabolic Regulation 3
BCH 706 Functional Genomics 3
BCH 707 Protein Structure and Function 3
BCH 709 Bioinformatics 3
BCH 718 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 3
BCH 740 Enzymology 3
BCH 793 Independent Study 1
Biology Courses:
BIOL 604 Population Genetics 3
BIOL 605 Molecular Biology 3
BIOL 615 Evolution 4
BIOL 654 Genomic Conflict, Epigenetics & Human Disease 3
BIOL 656 Molecular Basis of Epigenetics 3
BIOL 666 Developmental Biology 3
BIOL 675 Neurobiology 3
BIOL 677 Genes, Brain and Behavior 3
BIOL 682 Cell Biology of Disease 3
BIOL 705 Current topics in Cell and Molecular Biology 3
BME 730 Introduction to Imaging & Optics 3
Cell and Molecular Biology Courses:
CMB 793 Independent Study 1-6
Chemistry courses may be of interest to some students.
Microbiology Courses:
MICR 653 Immunology 3
MICR 670 Microbial Pathogenesis 0
MICR 700 Biotechnology Today and Tomorrow 3
MICR 780 Introductory Cellular Immunology 3
Pharmacology Courses:
PHAR 710 Molecular Pharmacology 3

Other courses not listed may meet program requirements. Please inquire with your adviser or contact our program directors about specific courses.

Year Two and Beyond

At the end of your first year, you and your graduate committee will decide which degree path you will enter—BCH, CMB or CMPP. At this time your graduate committee should meet and approve your program of study and determine your remaining curriculum.

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