Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNR is organized into three interest groups according to research specialty:

Solid Mechanics and Materials Thermal, Fluids, and Renewable Energy Systems and Dynamics
Dr. Matteo Aureli
Dr. Haris Doumanidis

Dr. Emil Geiger
Dr. Faramarz Gordaninejad
Dr. Yanyao Jiang
Dr. Shen-Yi Luo

Dr. Cahit A. Evrensel

Dr. Henry Fu
Dr. Emil Geiger
Dr. Miles Greiner
Dr. Chanwoo Park
Dr. Richard Wirtz

Dr. Matteo Aureli
Dr. Haris Doumanidis

Dr. Cahit A. Evrensel
Dr. Faramarz Gordaninejad
Dr. Kam K. Leang
Dr. Eric Wang

Our faculty members conduct research with graduate students and in collaboration with other faculty members in the Mechanical Engineering Department and other faculty members in the College of Engineering. Research funding is provided by a wide range of government and industry sources.

Graduate students are exposed to modern mechanical engineering research subjects including solid mechanics, engineering design, smart materials, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, renewable energy, biomedical engineering, and dynamics and controls.

Examples of Research

Porous Heat Sink MR Fluid Dampers Fire heat Transfer Simulations
Porous Heat Sink
(Dr. R. Wirtz)
MR Fluid Dampers for Vibration Control
(Dr. F. Gordaninejad)
Fire Heat Transfer Simulations
(Dr. M. Greiner)
Inhomogeneous Cyclic Plastic Deformation High Heat Flux Wick Boiling Test Rig
Inhomogeneous Cyclic Plastic Deformation
(Dr. Y. Jiang)
Bioelectromagnetics, electrodynamics
of continua
(Dr. Carlos Martino)
High Heat Flux Wick Boling Test Rig
(Dr. C. Park)
Microbial locomotion in complex media and flows
(Dr. Henry Fu)
Dynamic Systems; Control Systems; High-Speed Nanopositioning
(Dr. K. K. Leang)
Highly integrated microfluidic platform for biological applications
(Dr. Emil Geiger)
Multiphysics Laboratory
(Dr. Matteo Aureli)