Bradford SnyderBradford Snyder
Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. 1985, Bioengineering, University of Michigan
Ph.D. 1972, Nuclear Engineering, Northwestern University
BS Physics 1964, MIT


Research/outreach areas

  • Fluid mechanics of compact heat exchangers; radwaste analysis of spent-fuel shipping casks.

Relevant past experience

  • Assistant Research Scientist and Teaching Fellow, University of Michigan
  • work at Argonne National Laboratory/Sargent & Lundy Co., Chicago, IL

Career Overview

Dr. Synder received his first Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1972. He received his second Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1985. His research interests include the physics of secondary flows, with emphasis on understanding how flow develops and acquires structure. Because of its inherent complexity, useful results can usually only be obtained experimentally, by hot wire anemometry and other equipment on hand. Current research projects include: flow development in a model airway bronchus, triple-deck boundary layer structure, and the growth of vorticity in curved channels.

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