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Luis Garcia-Hernandez

Scholar: Luis Garcia-Hernandez

Luis Garcia Hernandez

Major: Psychology and Spanish

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Markus Kemmelmeier

Research Topic: "Are You Lying to Me?": The Influence of Ethnic Stereotypes on the Reliance of Nonverbal Cues of Deception

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate common stereotypes of liars and see if there is any attribution on the part of the participant to associate stereotypes or liars with stereotypes about Anglo or Hispanic people. We will carry out a survey-based experiment (online and paper & pencil format). Participants will be exposed to a scenario in which they are asked to imagine an encounter with another individual who may have information on who caused damage to the participant's car. For half of all participants, this other individual will be described as Hispanic, and for the other half as Anglo. Crossed with this experimental manipulation, some participants will be told that the other individual shows none, one or two nonverbal signs that people tend to associate with lying (avoiding eye contact, fidgeting). Participants will be asked about whether the other person is lying or not. Participants will also be asked about stereotypes that they may hold about behavior exhibited by Hispanic and Anglo liars. Demographic questions will ask about age, gender, ethnicity, whether they are freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors, etc. We expect the findings to reveal that Anglo participants will not exhibit much of a stereotypic bias against Hispanic (vs. Anglo) individuals when there is no evidence suggesting that the person is lying. However, the stereotypic bias against Hispanics (and in favor of Anglos) should become stronger the more signs there are that the person might be lying.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: 2013

Master's Degree Update: Enrolled in University of Nevada, Reno master's program in Philosophy

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